10 Steps on How to Perfectly Organize Your Pantry for Your Home

10 Steps on How to Perfectly Organize Your Pantry for Your Home

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Organizing a pantry is now the trend that people are applying in the kitchen; the kitchen will be clean, spacious and manageable.


If you want a perfectly arranged kitchen make use of the existing pantry ideas. There are a lot of ideas to choose from, you only go for what suits your home and budget. Examples of pantries ideas storage cabinets pull out drawers, glass canister and door organizers.


A lot of foodstuffs are stored in the kitchen closet; using a pantry is the perfect way to maintain your kitchen cleanliness and accessibility. For instance, you can automatically get the ingredient you want. You can also get rid of expired food, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh.


1. Clean the entire slate

The first step is to ensure the whole slate is clean. Start by emptying the pantry and remove everything that does not belong there. You can throw away all the expired and stale food.

Scrub the pantry shelves surfaces using vinegar and water to remove dirt and crumbs, and you can also paint the surfaces and fill the holes to give it a new look. A clean pantry results in a clean environment.


2. Take pantry inventory

Prepare a pantry inventory list for organizational shelves and containers. The secret to clean accessible pantry is visibility, purchase stuff that when properly organized, and you can see everything you have.

For spacious shelves that are close together, you can purchase a shelf riser that can allow you to display small jars and cans like spices bottle and for those shelves that are apart you can consider double storage, you can buy cabins that can fit the whole space on the shelves.

You should Shop for clear containers and baskets. They will help in differentiating the products and is also pleasing in the eye. You can also buy an over the door rack that helps in interior clearance and small basket bins for small grouping products like spices or teabags. You are advised to Shop for a stepping stool in case you have extra high shelves.


3. Categories

After shopping for all the necessary stuff that will help you on how to organize a perfect pantry, the next step is to group all similar items.

You can use heavy sheet pans or clear matching containers for grouping. They are the best organizers in keeping all ingredients together and prevent spilling or leaking.

You can apply an accounting idea called FIFO (first in first out) in organizing your pantry. Foodstuffs that were purchased earlier are placed in front and the new ones at the back, it helps in reducing the amount of food you sometimes forgot and only realized after they had expired.

You can also put heavy foodstuff like potatoes at the bottom and lighter on top.

Another way for grouping is to put them in the category of the type of food, for instance, cereals are kept on cereal shelf, baking appliances on the baking shelf, spices on spices shelf and snacks and snacks on snacks shelf.

Zone method is also perfect for organizing your pantry. Divide your pantry into zones, identify food and drinks that you like and put each in a zone. For example, zone 1-general food, zone 2-baking items, zone 3-spices and zone4-snacks. After grouping label them, especially if it a family home, other members will save time looking for what they want.


4. Use Clear Containers for Storage Purposes

You need to store food in clear containers and basket to save space.

Use clear containers and baskets. They will help in differentiating the products and are also appealing to the eye. It helps in avoiding mistakes such as using maize flour to bake.

It is advisable also to purchase square containers they save more space compared to round containers. The jars must have locking lids to keep out moisture and should be spacious enough to store flour, rice, nuts and other food that can spill.


5. Label the storage containers or shelves

Invest in a clear labeler like a label maker or chalkboard maker you can label in bin or jar according to the type of food inside. Labeling is essential in bulky clear containers such as nuts, beans, rice and flour containers.


6. Install Door Storage

Cabinet door can store most often used items perfectly. You store items that are not bulky like aluminum foil, oil jars, freezer bags, canned food or spices.


7. Make a Kid-Friendly Spot

When organizing your pantry, put into consideration what will work for your kids, you can fill the bottom shelf with snacks to allow kids to access them quickly.


8. Utilize the Extra Wall Space

Some working area is always narrow and has no wall space if you lucky enough to have an extra wall space make good use of it. You can use the space for open shelving or put hooks on that space for storing items like reusable bags.

Ensure your wall, and the open shelves have a similar color. You can coat the wall with bright paint; it helps in the circulation of light.


9. Add Plastic Shelf Liner and pegboard

The last step is adding plastic liners in your pantry; you can also build pegboard to create more space in case of a small area.

Plastic liners ensure food doesn’t fall in case of wire shelving and boxes not to trip over.

Pegboard is the perfect and affordable home organizers. You can install them if you want a neat and tidy room. They are used for hanging cooking tools in an organized manner and very easy to access or reach an item. Pegboard also frees up storage space in your pantry.


10. Keep it up

As the saying goes ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. It would help if you made it a routine to clean your panty daily. Your kitchen will always be clean and safe. It also helps saves time and space.

You can also assess your pantry weekly or twice a month, ensure everything is well organized, this will allow you to know what is out of stock and should be added and also prevent you from purchasing what you still have. It also saves more time than arranging it after a long period.

Daily cleaning of the pantry also reduces food spoilage. You will quickly identify any expired food and get rid of it .you can apply (FIFO) first in first out method to control spoilage rate.

It is also advisable to make use of the household item to allow your pantry to have more storage space. Ensure everything is in the right place. All magazines are kept in magazine rack and pencils in pencil holder. Accessing what you are looking for will be easy and fast.

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