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10 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

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As the climate continues to change, we could all afford to take more care of how much water we consume. At home, our water usage not only contributes to environmental problems, but it also increases our monthly utility bills.


If you want to save money on your utilities and do good, why not take some steps to conserve water? It’s easier than you think to make an impact. With the average American using 80-100 gallons of water a day, it’s time for a change. Here are 10 ways to conserve water at home.



Hose and water



1. Turn Off Your Faucets

Do you ever leave your water running when you’re not using it? It’s easy to forget about your impact when you’re brushing your teeth, washing your face, or cleaning dishes. Making a commitment to turning off your faucets whenever you don’t need water can save you hundreds of gallons per month.



2. Wash Dishes Carefully

One of the most water-consuming activities is doing dishes. This dreaded chore can be a drain on your budget. Instead, double-dip your dishes. If you have a dual sink, fill one side with soapy water for washing and the other with cool, clean water for rinsing. This is also a fast way to wash your dishes!



3. Use an Efficient Dishwasher

How energy-efficient are your appliances? If you’re not careful, your dishwater could be a bigger drain than letting your water run. Using an energy-efficient dishwasher is a great way to save water. In addition, make sure you’re only running your appliance when it’s full.



4. Reuse Your Water

Have you ever felt bad pouring extra water down the drain? Sometimes you can reuse this water in a new way. For instance, if you’re rinsing vegetables, you can easily save this water in a bowl for later. Use this “recycled” water in your garden, to clean, or anything else you need.



5. Take a Quick Shower

The typical American takes lengthy showers. With the average shower at over 8 minutes, consider cutting back on how long you spend bathing. You only need a few minutes to clean thoroughly, so make sure you’re using your shower efficiently. Again, consider turning off the faucet when soaping up to save even more water.



6. Water by Hand

If you have a garden, don’t use a hose. These use significantly more water than if you watered by hand. If you only have a small garden area, using a hand watering tool might even be faster.



7. Capture Your Rainwater

There are some advantages to living in a rainy area. Using a rainwater container can help you catch roof water from gutters and downpours. You can use this to water your lawn or do other outdoor activities.



8. Use a Pool Cover

Do you have a backyard pool? These can be great fun, but they’re also a drain on your expenses. To cut down on how much replacement water you need for your pool, use a pool cover. This will retain the pool’s heated temperature so you won’t need to circulate as much over time.



9. Check Your Pipes

A hidden water leak could be catastrophic. Not only could these lead to extensive damage in your home, but it’s a waste of water. Get in the habit of checking your faucets, pipes, and so on for any leaks throughout the year.



10. Cut Back on Laundry

If you’re in the habit of running your washing machine with only half a load, it’s time for a change. Your laundry machine uses 30-50 gallons of water. Making sure you only run full loads will help cut back on how many gallons you’re using each month. Plus, you’ll be able to fold all of your clothes at once. Less water means fewer chores!



Make a Difference at Home

Change starts at home. If you’re trying to conserve water in your own life, why not look for ways to make a difference in your daily schedule? A lot of water goes to waste in our own homes. It’s time we all work to conserve water where we can.

These tips above will help you save money and water all at once. Take a closer look at your own water usage to see where you can cut back once and for all.

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