The Most Expensive Homes of 2018

It’s been an exciting year for real estate in 2018 with homes sales skyrocketing. It’s also been an exciting year thanks to some of the most expensive homes going on to the market. These homes [...]


The Best Kinds of Homes to Buy in 2019

If you’re planning to buy a home in 2019, there’s a lot you need to know. This past year has seen growing competition in the housing market as there are fewer homes on the market compared to the [...]


Dealing With Your Lender During a Foreclosure

If you’ve been unable to afford your mortgage payments, a foreclosure might be on the horizon. A foreclosure is a legal process when your mortgage lender takes over your home. Your foreclosure [...]


Things That Every First-Time Homeowner Should Know Before Moving In

Congratulations on buying your first home! As a first-time homeowner, you’re surely incredibly excited to start this new chapter of your life. However, you should be sure that you are prepared to [...]


How to Sell Your Home Privately

When selling your home you always want to get the biggest return possible. A way to do that is to sell your home without a real estate agent. This might be intimidating but when you sell [...]


When Is The Best Time During The Year To Sell Your Home

It happened. You’ve made the choice that it’s time to sell your home. The real estate markets are booming and you’re ready to make a sweet profit off your home and move on to your next adventure. [...]


What Real Estate Appraisers Look For

Getting an appraisal on your home before you sell is good for your sake and the buyer’s sake. An accurate appraisal will make sure that you don’t over or undervalue your home and will make the [...]


How to List Your House on Zillow

Zillow is the most well-known real estate and rental marketplaces online today. It receives over 195 million monthly users, many of which are actively searching for a new home. This is no [...]


How to Add Your House on Trulia

Selling your home can be made much easier by utilizing online tools like Trulia. If you’re selling your home through a real estate agent, he or she will handle listing your home for sale on [...]


When You Sell a House, Who Pays for What?

Selling a home can be quite a complicated process. One aspect that many homeowners are unprepared for when they sell their home is the various expenses that they might be responsible for. From [...]

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