Moving to new digs is cause for celebration as you are embarking on a new chapter in your life.  Though moving can be a pain for a variety of reasons, you can facilitate the transition by planning ahead.  There are certain items you simply should not ask the moving crew to move.  Below, we identify the top items that movers should not pack when helping a client move to a new home.  Immediately scratch these items off the movers’ list and make alternative plans.



1. Plants

The last thing you want is for the moving men to damage your plant collection during the transition to your new digs.  Plants are incredibly fragile.  Even if the moving crew promises to be uber-careful when moving your plants, it will likely backfire in a big way.  The typical plant cannot survive a haul across town inside a moving truck.  Furthermore, the darkness of the truck and temperature fluctuations are likely to damage the plant.  Making matters worse is the fact that transporting plants is likely to transfer parasites. 

The moral of this story is you should not give into temptation to add plants to everything else in the moving truck.  Either secure your plants in your vehicle with the help of a friend and drive slowly or give your greenery away to your neighbors so they are not subjected to the rigors of being moved in a large truck or van.



2. Irreplaceable Items

Some things in life simply cannot be replaced.  Family heirlooms, family pictures, coin collections, expensive jewelry, unique artwork and other valuables should be moved by you and only you.  Even if the moving crew you hire has a sterling reputation, it is a mistake to trust them to move your most treasured items.  Do not lose sight of the fact that moving men rarely earn a living wage.  The sad truth is those who move items for a living tend to be on the prowl for opportunities to make money that supplements their wage.  It is certainly possible the movers you hire will be tempted to pilfer your most treasured belongings and flip them on the black market for a quick buck.



3. Your Furry Friend

Though this one might seem obvious, there really are some people who crate up their dog or cat and leave them for the moving crew to haul to the new house/apartment.  This is a mistake as you simply do not know how the moving men will treat an animal.  It is also possible the moving crew will stop for a bite to eat or get into an accident, causing your dog or cat to unnecessarily suffer.



4. Perishables

Empty and clean your refrigerator and freezer at least a full day ahead of moving day.  If you have perishable items, consider giving them to a neighbor, eating them or moving them to your new digs ahead of time.  Otherwise, you run the risk of the moving crew enduring a delay that causes your perishables to spoil or die.



5. Dangerous Items

Items that are explosive, flammable, corrosive or hazardous should not be moved in a moving truck.  Do not put your moving crew in the position of transporting illegal or dangerous items.  Move these items on your own or give them to a trusted friend for safekeeping.  If you would like to dispose of dangerous items, reach out to the Environmental Protection Agency Office, fire station or recycling company to learn how to properly dispose of such items.