Living in a house by the beach is a dream for many, and it’s much more affordable than you probably think.


While living in a beach community might seem like an expensive, unaffordable luxury, the United States is home to several affordable beach communities. You just have to know where to look.


Across the country, there are a number of cities that offer beautiful coastlines, relaxing environments, great weather, and surprisingly cheap housing.


Take a look at this list of some of the most affordable beach communities to live in throughout the United States.



Atlantic City, NJ


Atlantic City, New Jersey is a historic and affordable coastal city. Though this area was once severely impacted by a sinking economy, Atlantic City has regained its esteem in recent years.


Atlantic City is home to the famous Boardwalk, a number of ocean-front bars, rides, casinos, and other attractions. Despite offering great amenities like these, this New Jersey city has maintained very affordable housing prices.


According to GoBankingRates, the median list price for homes in Atlantic City is $129,950 with a median rent of $1,274.



Daytona Beach, FL


Daytona Beach in Florida is an incredibly popular vacation destination and has one of the best beaches in the entire country. The city also offers one of the only drive-on beaches in the United States.


Though Dayton Beach has a reputation for being a big party destination, the area is actually very relaxed and is perfect for an escape to the coast. Furthermore, with Orlando close by, residents of Daytona Beach have easy access to big-city amenities and attractions.


Per Thrillist, the median home price in Daytona Beach, FL was $112,000 as of 2018.



Myrtle Beach, SC


Myrtle Beach, SC wasn’t always an ideal beach community. Once known as ‘Dirty Myrtle,’ Myrtle Beach used to have a reputation for being a little bit run-down and dirty. Be that as it may, the city has cleaned itself up and is now a very desirable coastal location.


This location boasts 60 miles of beaches, a new boardwalk and downtown promenade, and very low property taxes to add to its affordability.


Thrillist lists the median home price in Myrtle Beach, SC at an appealing $173,600.



Corpus Christi, TX


Corpus Christi, TX may not be the most popular choice for people wanting to move to a coastal location, but if affordability is your priority, this city is a great option.


Texas may not be known for its beaches, but Corpus Christi offers beautiful beaches and coastlines for residents to enjoy. This community also offers a number of indoor activities, a great food scene, and is one of the most affordable beach communities in the country.


GoBankingRates lists the median list price in Corpus Christi at $204,900 with a median rent of $1,371.



Melbourne, FL


Last on this list of affordable beach communities in the United States is Melbourne, FL.


This city may not be the biggest beach community in Florida, but it offers many of the same amenities as the state’s larger cities.


Melbourne offers residents uncrowded beaches, two sets of barrier islands, great wildlife, and the amazing Brevard Zoo. The city also holds several annual festivals, including Oktoberfest and Aviation Day, and is located near the Kennedy Space Center.


Homebuyers can expect to see a median home price of $125,400, according to Thrillist.


While there are a number of great beach communities around the country, these are a few of the most attractive and affordable options available.