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Best Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat in Phoenix

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Halloween is upon is. Phoenix routinely ranks as one of the best cities in the country. As such, it’s home to some of the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating. If you have kids, or want to feel like a kid yourself then make sure to find the best place to hit up and secure the candy bag and trick or treat in Phoenix.


McCormick Ranch


You won’t find the most elaborate decorations in McCormick Ranch (or any), if you want to trick or treat in a safe neighborhood with an abundance of treats, you definitely want to voyage over to McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale. It won’t be the spookiest area in the Valley, but if you want your kids to have a successful night when when you weigh your candy haul at the end of the night, this is the spot.


Paradise Valley


Known for its sprawling palatial homes and gated communities, there’s perhaps no safer place for kids to go candy collecting. Paradise Valley has very little traffic so you won’t have to worry about busy streets. Homes in this neighborhood are positioned closely together, making for an easy way to hit up a lot of houses in a short period of time. If you want some classic door to door trick-or-treating you can’t go wrong with Paradise Valley. 




Not many neighborhoods in the Valley go as big for Halloween as Encanto. By October 1st nearly the whole neighborhood is decked out for spook season and it’s rare to find a single home in the area without at least a carved pumpkin on display. With tons of Halloween related festivities going on all throughout the area, Encanto is easily one of the best spots to haul in tons of sugary treats. That, along with its proximity to the Phoenix Country Club and the upper crust of the town, it’s likely you’ll stumble upon plenty of king size bars being passed out. 


Deer Valley


The trick-or-treating scene in Deer Valley is a complete throwback to a bygone era. Deer Valley trick-or-treating is as family friendly as it gets with a 1950s feel when doors were left wide open and children frolicked in the streets. Halloween in DV is as old school as it gets. Perfect for parents with young children. 




Buckeye was the fastest growing city in the country last year and it isn’t slowing down. New families are moving to Buckeye in droves. With new blossoming neighborhoods, Halloween is a perfect time to get to know people in your area. If you’re a parent, trick-or-treating is great for meeting neighbors and for your kids to meet other kids. For new families moving in, trick-or-treating is a perfect way to get acclimated into the

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