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When is the best time to move?

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The average American will move 11.7 times in their life. Moving is exhausting and it’s a huge undertaking for any family. Despite being expensive and disruptive to your life schedule, sometimes it is the best option. Knowing when is the best time to move can take a lot of the stress out of the decision. Ultimately, you know what’s best for you and your family. 



Lackluster schools


Moving to a new house



Children are among our top priorities in life and their well-being comes first. In many states, where one can attend public schools depends on what district they live in. If your district’s schools aren’t up to par and or your kids are not satisfied, that may be the time to move to another district. Similarly, if you have the option, moving close to a private school may also be something to consider.



You want different geography

“Location, location, location” may sound like an old cliche, but it’s a real estate principle that has stood the test of time in explaining why people live where they do. Location is a key factor when people buy a house in the first place. It’s also a main reason why people move, to get to a better one. Maybe you need to get close to family, or maybe the winters are too harsh and you want to move to a warmer climate. If you find yourself unhappy with the climate or you’re increasingly unhappy with how close or far you are from things, moving might be in the cards.



You more house than your lot can hold

Lots of people buy houses with dreams of expanding them. Sometimes it’s adding in a guest wing, others it’s a back porch. However, sometimes when looking to make an addition on a home, the lot size simply won’t allow it. In other instances, local government ordinances may prevent you from adding onto your house. In that event, sometimes for those with the ability to do so will consider moving into a new house altogether. 



Work related reasons


best time to move


Work is one of the most common reasons that people. Whether it’s wanting to explore new job opportunities or reduce their daily commute, work related reasons are often the main driver to moving. Sometimes people’s jobs relocate and they don’t have a choice but to move. In either event, people move for work related reasons all the time.  If you find your job is too far away, you want to make a compromise in proximity from both yours and your significant others’ job, moving will definitely be on the table.



 Financial changes

We hate to see it, but the reality is that sometimes our financial situation changes. Sometimes it’s positively, others it’s negatively. With the rampant growth of so many cities across the country such as Los Angeles and San Antonio, sometimes people can no longer afford to live where they do. In other cases, you or someone in your family may have been promoted to a new higher paying job and now you’re looking to move into your dream home.



Looking to downsize

Retirees and people whose kids have moved out often are looking to downsize. If you find your house is a bit too much for your lifestyle you may also want to consider moving. In that event, sometimes the simplest answer is to sell your house and find a new home that best suits your new pursuits in life. Once the kids leave the nest and the social security checks start coming in, not everyone needs a 4 bedroom house anymore. Downsizing is a perfect reason to move.



If you’re trapped in a routine

It happens to the best of us. We get set up, start a job, and begin living our lives. Eventually however, we grow bored of our current situation. We become stuck in a day to day routine and feel trapped in our situation. If nothing else is holding us down where we are and you feel like there’s no room for growth, that can be one of the best times to move. Break free of your current situation and venture and explore new territory.


If all else fails, simply listen to your gut. Often times we know internally when it’s right to move. There are a variety of reasons people are compelled to move, ultimately they have to make the decision that is best for them at that point in life.

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