NCO Makes Appearance on Channel 12 NBC News

On Wednesday, April 11th National Cash Offer made an appearance on local news station Channel 12 on NBC. The segment appeared on Arizona Midday on Channel 12 News on NBC which is a day time [...]


Do You Need to Sell a House in Foreclosure?

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How To Sell or Buy A House with Termite Damage

Can you sell a house with termite damage? Well, National Cash Offer can help you get in the process of selling a house with termites. We can also buy a house with termite damage. Property damage [...]


We Buy Houses in San Antonio, Texas

National Cash is now buying homes in San Antonio. We thank you all for your business as we have been growing extensively throughout the years. Due to us growing and expanding in numerous ways, we [...]


How To Sell My Home on Craigslist in Phoenix, AZ

  In this article, we will discuss the best ways to sell your home on Craigslist.com that will get your home rankings and what looks appealing to the eye. We will also break down the [...]


Who to Bet on in the NCAA Tournament 2018 in Las Vegas

The first round of the NCAA Tournament of 2018 started on March 13th, 2018 and already teams are going head to head in fight to the top.  The odds are going since the first round started this [...]


Top Golf Opening at Westgate in Glendale, AZ

The city council of Glendale unanimously decided in September of 2017 to open up a Topgolf in Glendale, AZ.  Drive Shack, which is a New York based company announced on the first week of [...]


National Cash Offer Sponsors Xfinity Race Car Driver

David Starr is currently a Stock Car Driver who is in the NASCAR races. He is now in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. His pit crew, Jimmy Means Racing has been highly known around NASCAR. He drives a [...]


Top 5 States to Buy or Sell your House in 2018

The housing market has fluctuated over the last decade, although in the last two years the housing market has significantly went up. Set aside the early 2000’s when the United States hit a [...]


From California to Nevada, The NFL Raiders Move Homes

The Oakland Raiders are an NFL franchise who have been widely known as a Football team that expects excellence and does everything to not stray away from it. In the 2017 season, there were many [...]