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How Opendoor Works and Does It Really Work?

Opendoor sells your home without listing on the market and moves according to the client’s timeline. That means there are no listings, no showing, and no time for uncertainty about the location [...]


Tips on how to sell your home and buy a home in 2020

Top 10 tips of how to move houses in 2020. How to sell your home and buy a home Selling a house while buying your next can be hectic especially if your closings do not align or if the process [...]


How much to budget for expenses after closing

Investing in home ownership is a big step. There are additional costs that are involved, which are linked to getting a mortgage and monthly payments. Closing costs is one of the additional [...]


Interior Remodeling Vs. Exterior Remodeling

According to Webster, the definition of remodeling is to ”alter the structure of,” and, in this case, we are specifically interested in the altering of a home; the interior and [...]


Why So Many Millennials Are Buying Vacation Homes While Still Renting

Millennials are doing this their things their way. This comes to purchase a home. Millennials are holding off on becoming homeowners and are opting to rent instead of making a purchase. What [...]