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Reasons to Hire an Accredited Buyer’s Representative

When you buy a home, sometimes you need someone there on your side. An Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) is someone who has special training designed to help you through the home [...]


How to Buy a Home with Defaulted Student Loans

Buying a house is a big moment in one’s life. For many, purchasing a house signifies a new phase of their life. In many cases it is seen as a right of passage. Yet what happens to those seeking [...]


When is the best time to move?

The average American will move 11.7 times in their life. Moving is exhausting and it’s a huge undertaking for any family. Despite being expensive and disruptive to your life schedule, [...]


The Top 5 First time Homebuyer Fears

Buying a house can be a scary thing. The money alone is enough to keep people up at night with crippling anxiety. No doubt anyone considering buying a home has heard horror stories of ‘home buys [...]


Expensive First-Time Buyer Mistakes

Are you in the process of getting ready to buy your first home?   We all know how exciting shopping for a home can be, though at the same time, it is quite scary and a bit exhausting. Your [...]