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Top Home Features That Buyers In Arizona Want

We live in a DIY era right now, much of which can be thanks to the many television shows about home improvement and renovation. More so than ever, Arizona buyers are looking for specific home [...]


325,000 New Jobs Expected By 2022 in Arizona

A bit of good news for the economic future of Arizona came in this past week, as the state is set to regain many jobs that were lost during the coronavirus pandemic. The Arizona Office of [...]


What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?

Real estate wholesalers or investors are professionals who procure homes that are distressed or under the market value, assigning contracts to investors for higher prices to make a profit. One of [...]


Should I Sell My Home Or Rent It Out?

If you’re not using a property that you own, you might see the advantages of making a profit or recouping mortgage payments by renting it out. There are between 10-11 million individual [...]


The Best Home Seller Inspection List in 2021

So you’ve finally decided to sell your home in Phoenix, though you know that the condition is unfortunately less-than-ideal. To compensate, you have adjusted the price of your listing, but [...]