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Top 3 Tips To Get Started In Real Estate

Are you trying to get started in real estate? You might be asking what the best strategies are and how many steps you have to take until you become the millionaire you always wanted to be. Of [...]


Can you sell the house you live in when a dead relative owns it?

The death of a family member is always an emotionally trying experience. Unfortunately, it also comes with its lot of legal and financial woes. If you have been living in the house of a dead [...]


What can you do when your house is in pre-foreclosure?

Are you having trouble paying your mortgage? You are far from being the only one. With unemployment at a record high, many people are faced with difficult decisions when comes the time to pay [...]


The best loans and programs for first-time homebuyers

There are a lot of things to think about when buying your first home. Where should you live? What are your must-haves and nice to have, and what is your budget? However, it is also the moment to [...]


Things to know about Buying a Home in Fort Lauderdale

Buying a house in Florida can be a challenging experience for both first home and veteran home buyers. Since Ft Lauderdale has been a coveted vacation and retirement spot for people all over the [...]