National Cash is now buying homes in San Antonio. We thank you all for your business as we have been growing extensively throughout the years. Due to us growing and expanding in numerous ways, we are happy to announce that we will buy your home in ANY condition in the San Antonio Texas. We also provide more areas in the state of Texas, aside from San Antonio.


The gorgeous lone star state of Texas and the gracious people who reside in Texas have allowed us to provide business in our expansion. We will buy your house if you are going in any kind of foreclosure, divorce, probate, or in ANY unfortunate situation that involves you having trouble with selling your home. We buy houses for cash and will pay you cash, even if your house has any damage. You won’t pay any closing costs or fees, just give us a call or go online to our website and we can help you!



We are a company that specializes in helping and assisting anyone who has gone through any unfortunate situation with their home and who needs to sell quick. The earliest close that we have ever offered has been in as little as 3 days with again, no fees or closing costs. Having the fastest turnaround rate and the greatest of customer service, provides us with excellent satisfaction as we help the communities in various states (i.e. Arizona, California, Nevada, and more). As we move forward to ensure that our customers are getting the best service possible and in the fastest way possible, we are excited to start this journey with the lone star state! After all, we are in San Antonio, and in San Antonio is where the heart of Texas is!