Congratulations! You and your significant other have finally tied the knot! Now that you’ve successfully managed to  get through the great ordeal that is getting married, it’s time for your next big couple decision, buying a new house and finding a place to live


Couple buying a new house


Whether one of you just received a new job offer, you want to move closer (or further away) from family, or want to find a place with more opportunities for your children, finding a place to live is a big decision. There’s also a likely chance that you and your spouse have different ideas for where to live, making a compromise necessary. Several factors go into making a decision on where to live and how best to come to an agreement with your partner. Here are a few things to consider buying a new house:


Safety and Schools

If you have kids or plan on having kids one of the biggest things to take into consideration when moving to a new location are safety and education. You want to make sure your family will be safe and that they can receive a quality education. Checking out the crime rates and school systems is a must-do for families seeking to relocate.


Work Commutes

One key factor to consider when looking for homes is your commute to work. Often decisions to relocate are prompted by a new job. People typically like to live close to their work. However, you and your spouse may work in different areas. This is where compromise comes into play. Think about where you each work and look for areas that are close to both locations and chart out the best most efficient location to ensure you both have an enjoyable commute. 


Local Amenities


A new house


Lots of people choose where they live based on what various locations have to offer. From entertainment to public services, different towns and cities have different attractions. Perhaps public transportation is important to you, or maybe proximity to shopping and good restaurants. Regardless, spend time thinking together about what each of you like to do in your free time. Make a list of things each of you value. Try ranking them in terms of importance. Compare your lists and put together a compromise.


Cost of living

Another driving factor in deciding on a location is the cost of living. Both you and your partner should sit down and look over your financials and determine the right place to live based on affordability. One area might seem great but if it’s outside your budget it may not be the best fit. Determining what kinds of areas are affordable for you and your family is a decision that needs to be made collaboratively.


Tips for buying a new house in a new location


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If you’re looking to move but aren’t quite sure where or if a particular location is for your, consider making the move temporary by renting for a while first. By renting or leasing a home you can easily get a feel for the location and whether or not it meets your needs without having to commit completely. 


City reviews are another helpful resource in helping make the decision. Look around for online forums where current and former residents post their opinions and personal experiences living in that area. By reading what others say and considering their individual situations, you can get a better sense of whether it will be a good fit for you.


Check the housing market. Perhaps the biggest decision outside of employment when buying a new house is the housing market itself. Whether your need to sell your house fast or if you have time to shop around can depend on a variety of factors.


There are many things to consider when relocating. Buying a new house isn’t easy and there are lot of external decisions involved. You and your partner certainly won’t agree on everything, but there are things you can both work collaboratively on that will help fast-track your decision.