The addition of a grill to your backyard has the potential to add meaningful value to your home.  However, installing any old grill is not guaranteed to hike your property’s selling price.  The addition of a complete outdoor kitchen featuring a grill is sure to add significant value to your home.  If you do not have the money or patience for the installation of a complete outdoor kitchen, adding a high-quality grill is justifiable as it can still bump up your property’s value by a margin that exceeds the installation cost.



A Premium Grill is a Valuable Home Feature

There is a meaningful difference between small portable grills and high-end installations that can run several thousands of dollars.  Invest in a premium grill and your home will prove that much more attractive to buyers when the time comes to sell.  Add an outdoor kitchen featuring a grill and it has the potential to return between 100 percent and 200 percent of its cost.  The key is to build an outdoor kitchen or grill that is appropriately sized for your home and location.  It is particularly interesting to note homes in warm climates gain more value with the addition of a backyard grill than those in comparably cold parts of the country.



Why Backyard Grills are Such Helpful Selling Points

Install a high-quality backyard grill at your property and it will immediately change the feel of your living space.  You and your family will gravitate to the backyard for family cookouts, get-togethers with friends and neighbors and celebrations.  Pick the right grill and it will be the focal point of these social gatherings.  This is exactly what prospective buyers will think when taking a look at your home when you eventually put it up for sale.  Even if the interior of your home is unimpressive, a premium grill installed in the backyard will make up for some of your property’s shortcomings.



installing a grill


An Investment in a Backyard Grill is an Investment in Relationships

Food is the first thing most people think of when someone raises the subject of a backyard grill.  Just about everyone loves tasty barbecue.  The love for barbecue chicken, sausage, hamburgers and hot dogs will bring friends, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers and relatives over for valuable bonding opportunities in your backyard.  This is your opportunity to expand your social circle, spend time with those you value and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with the company of others.  So don’t think of the addition of a backyard grill as a mere culinary enhancement.  An outdoor grill will do just as much for your social life.



Expect at Least 50 Percent Return on Investment for Your Backyard Grill

At the very least, you should expect a 50 percent return on your backyard grill investment.  The return on your barbecue ultimately hinges on the materials used to make it, its size, features and aesthetic appeal.  Even if your outdoor grill does not dramatically boost the value of your home, there is considerable value in the happiness this home feature provides to you as well as everyone else who visits for parties, celebrations and other get-togethers.  As long as you have enough space to accommodate a grill, you have every reason to install it in your backyard.  This home feature will is guaranteed to have mass appeal for the foreseeable future.