It’s time to move and you notice your carpets are starting to show just how old they really are. Do you leave this problem for the future homeowner (if you manage to sell) or do you take care of this problem right now? That’s a decision you get to decide but first let’s get you some information that might support you in making that decision. 



The Price Of Replacing Carpet

Replacing carpets is one of the most suggested household improvements by agents. Now, this cost can vary greatly depending on many factors, house size included. The type of padding underneath your carpet also weighs in. On average you’ll be looking at around $700-$2,500 which is a wide range but it’s to give you an idea of what it could look like if you’ve never replaced carpets before. Why should you spend this money on a home you’ll be leaving shortly?



Benefits Of New Carpet

The smallest thing can turn potential homebuyers away. If you’re pricing your home high and then have stains on your carpet then homebuyers are going to assume you’re reaching. Depending on the house this can be a cheaper fix in the long run while gaining buyer trust. The carpet speaks the most about how much household work is needed. Some benefits are


  • Buyer Appeal
  • Rises perceived value
  • Gives the feeling of being clean
  • Shows buyers you care


All of these benefits increases the chances of you selling your home. Even if there was just one benefit it would be worth it but there are at least 4.



Choosing The Best Carpet

Go as affordable as you can without sacrificing quality. Check with your realtor and see if they have any leads on what contractors use for affordable carpets these days. It’ll probably be a beige color in the end. Regardless a new carpet is a new carpet and people will notice that before anything else.



Other Options

Maybe your carpets are in great conditions! If that’s the case you probably don’t have any pets or kids. That’s good news however you may notice some minor stains. These may be easily removed through buying some stain remover or if that isn’t working then you might need to call in some professionals. A nice carpet cleaning could be just the trick needed to sway buyers to make the decision to seal the deal.