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Can You Rent Out A Room In Your House?

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Short answer, yes!


Incoming longer answer…Some cities, however, have limits on how many non-related residents you may have inside your home at once. These regulations can be through the homeowners association, landlords, zoning laws, whatever it is be sure to read up so that later on you don’t fall into any trouble. If there are no regulations on renting your spare rooms then the next step is to know what to expect.


What Are The Pros?

More $. This may be obvious but really stop and think about how much that extra cash could be supporting you. Some homeowners even have their mortgage paid through renting out the home, talk about easy living. That’s more money you get to keep in your wallet and when the house is paid off then you’ll just be pocketing more cash.


Sharing. Now there are some extra hands around the house that can clean, do chores, and if you’re lucky even cook. Sharing can also look like splitting the utilities and such so that you don’t have such high bills.





Something Different. It can spice up your life and give you something you might not have expected. Having a roommate could be outside of your comfort zone and that might be super beneficial for you to push through.


A New Pal. This one might not happen but it totally can. Now you might have someone you can discuss your day with, play board games with, or chill out and watch a movie. This is super valuable to have and it can be worth even more than the money they pay to live there.



What Are The Cons?

Sharing Space. This can be really bothersome to a lot of homeowners who rent. Seeing dirty dishes around, muddy shoes, the couch moved can really trigger some peoples nerves.


Rules. Most likely to have a healthy roommate relationship new rules will be put into place. Maybe coming home at 3 am with ten new friends isn’t so cool anymore now that you have a roommate who has work in the morning. Things like this are sacrifices that might need to be made.



What Makes Having A Roommate Work?

Clear and open communication. When something is bothering you then go directly to the person you need to. Don’t make up any stories or let it fester inside you for weeks until you blow up. Calmly, go up and discuss the issue. This can save many relationships even outside of roommates but the thing about being a roommate is that you’ll be in each other’s space regardless if you’re upset or not. So make it work!

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