A foundation is the basis of ANY home. When a home has issues with its foundation, that is enough to send anyone running for the hills! You can’t have a solid house without a solid foundation, correct? Foundation problems might start small but they can quickly turn into issues all around the entire house. Some of the small problems can start with cracked walls, uneven structures, and weak floor boards and that’s just naming a few. Include those issues and the fact that you might be thinking about selling your home. That might seem like a lost cause but we here at National Cash Offer are here to tell you that you have other options. It is definitely possible to sell your house with foundation problems! Here’s how below: 



1) Check for Signs of Foundation Problems 

The best way to find out if you’ve got foundation issues is to look for specific signs in and around the outside of your home. You don’t need to be a home inspector to see most of these signs in and/or outside of your home. 

  • If you have a brick home, look for stair-step cracks that show up on the side walls. If there is a fault line running up and down the along house, that can indicate that the structure has shifted in some way. 


  • Inside your home look for vertical cracks of any kind. The more of them you see, the more likely it is that there’s a serious problem.  


  • Check the drywall for any kinds of cracks. You’ll want to look above windows and door frames and keep a lookout for cracks that run at an angle. This can mean that the foundation shifting is tearing the drywall apart. 


  • Also, look at floor tiles anywhere around the house. If you notice multiple cracked tiles, you could be looking at a place where the floor is sloping. Use a level and straightedge to check if the floor is sinking or not flat.  


  • Finally, check doors and windows. Have you noticed that they’re suddenly harder to open or close, or are you noticing that more daylight is coming in through cracks above or below the doors? That could be a sign that foundation is affecting the walls around the doors and windows. 


2) Find A Foundation Expert 

The second step would be to hire a trained expert to verify that the issues you may be seeing or have seen is something serious. They’ll be able to give you an estimate of the costs if the damage of the foundation is serious. After that, you will be able to figure out if it’s worth having to fix everything or if it’s worth just selling your house as-is.  


3) Sell Your Home to an Investor 

Nowadays, it’s pretty common for homes with foundation problems to be sold to investors. Investors who will buy will to avoid all of the costs and headaches that come with this kind of issue while also getting your time and life back. An investor will give you a cash offer and take the home off your hands quickly so you can move on and start fresh.  


We invest here at National Cash Offer. We can help you sell your home with bad foundation. At NationalCashOffer.com you can receive an offer for you home with bad foundation or foundation problems!