Some landlords won’t even meet with you if you have a bad credit score. Even if your credit score isn’t where you’d like it to be you still deserve to have a place to live. The good news is you can still rent a home if you have a bad credit score. So how exactly is that possible? Let’s discuss your options so that your credit score isn’t holding you back anymore from a beautiful home.



Find A Co-Signer

If you find yourself struggling with bad credit then reach out for support. A family member may have a better credit score than you and could be willing to help out. By becoming a co-signer, they will be taking on a considerable risk. If rent is not made, they will be coming to them as well, and if the rent doesn’t get paid, then their credit score will be taking a hit as well. If you find someone to cosign with make sure you meet your responsibilities for them as well.



Make A Larger Deposit

Making a larger deposit, if your income allows it, can have a landlord overlook your credit. By doing this, it shows the landlord that you do have means to pay for the property. However, the one taking the most risk there won’t be the landlord, it will be you. By spending more upfront, you may put yourself at risk in other areas financially. Make this decision after taking a long look at your budget!



Get A Good Reference

If you have been paying to live somewhere else for a while despite your poor credit, then reach out to that landlord. Ask them if they can draft up a letter vouching that you pay your rent on time. This can go a long way with your future landlord and make them more open to you living on one of their properties.



Be A Friend With Your Future Landlord

Get to know them and be honest with them how you would like a friend. Explain to them the situation of how you got into your credit situation, and maybe they will understand. By being this way, it will show that you are direct and honest about your situation and could potentially be that way with your bills. 



Look Around 

You might be able to find a location that doesn’t check your credit score when applying to rent. This may be difficult, but these places do exist. Just make sure the area is safe and where you want it to be, don’t sacrifice too much.



Improve Your Credit

If you find yourself not moving out within the next six months, then start working on ways to improve your credit. There are a plethora of sites that assist with this process, and it’s never too late to start growing. Get out there and make the life changes necessary.