Ten Tips For Being A Successful House Flipper

Ten Tips For Being A Successful House Flipper House flipping can be highly profitable but can also be extremely daunting and risky at the same time. The venture can become even more challenging, [...]


Top 8 Ways of How To Prep Your Home For Appraisal

If you’ve decided that it is time to refinance your mortgage or put your home up for sale in Reno NV, you will need to have it appraised to find out how much it is truly worth. The only way [...]


Top 10 Home Selling Secrets

Looking for some good home selling advice? Here are some tricks of the trade to get you started.   1. Price Your Home Right   Figure out what your home is worth and price it properly. [...]


Where are the Cheapest homes in Texas?

Texas is an excellent state suitable for every kind of person. The state has big sprawling cities, small towns, and amazing outdoor activities to indulge in during your free time. But, what makes [...]


Top 10 Terms You’ll Likely Run Into In A Real Estate Purchase

When a person is looking to buy or sell a home or even if they have an interest in real estate some terms are specific to the market that a person needs to learn. These are some common terms to [...]


10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

Buying a house is a stressful process. Few things cause more anxiety than the great ordeal of buying a home. Real estate is a tricky business and homes don’t exactly have ‘return policies.’ [...]


7 Spooktastic Home Halloween Decorations

As they saying goes, “Halloween isn’t just a holiday, it’s our entire October mood.” In just one week Halloween szn will officially commence. Every year it seems people get more and more into the [...]


The Priciest Celebrity Pads of 2019

As much as we love to say ‘celebrities are just like us,’ they’re not. Few things demonstrate just how ‘no like us’ celebrities really are then when it comes to real estate. In 2018 top 10 [...]


Top 5 Affordable Beach Towns To Buy A Vacation Home

Owning a vacation home is many people’s dream. Another dream that is the most common among American is to live near a beach and be able to walk outside of your home to be feet away from the [...]


Top 10 Cities With Homes That Have Decks

Now that spring has officially kicked off (although in some states it is still cold), it’s now time for spring training baseball, warm weather, and homes that are made for the season. To [...]

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