If you are planning on selling your home, you might be interested to know if there are any common repairs you may need to make after a home inspection.

Unless there has been a thorough home inspection, most buyers won’t commit to purchasing a home. Of c0urse, home inspectors know best when it comes to finding and dealing with problems in the home.

If a home inspection turns us home flaws that the buyer wants you to fix, what do you do?

We know that making repair requests after inspections is difficult. They could reduce your profits if your not careful. Before anything, make sure that you take caution when reading through your inspection contract so you don’t end up fixing something you aren’t liable to fix.



Repairs Required After A Home Inspection

Before a lender will release funds to finance a home purchase, there are a few fixes that you will need to make.

Most of these fixes address things like building code violations, costly structural defects, or other safety issues. Sometimes these issues are present in places like the basement, the attic, chimneys, furnaces, or crawl spaces, which can make them quite a hassle to address.

Inspectors typically check the condition of your septic system as well. They also check for the presence of termites and whether you might have potential radon leaks, as these are things homebuyers tend to ask questions about.

An inspector will likely look at the electrical systems, the roof, the plumbing lines, and the HVAC system.

You will likely be responsible for fixing these things if any problems arise during inspection. To start, you should get a few bids from different contractors to get an idea as to how much the work will cost you.

Once you have done that, you can start fixing these problems or offer your buyers some sort of credit so that they can fix the problems themselves when they move in. In the credit scenario, you won’t have to oversee the process, meaning you can move on from the home once you sell it.


Repairs That Aren’t Required After A Home Inspection

Typically, cosmetic issues do not require any repairs. In fact, many inspection contracts specifically state that buyers are not allowed to request cosmetic fixes. In many cases, they can only ask for fixes due to building code violations, structural defects, or safety issues.

Depending on the state you live in, there might be laws in place that impact your liability as a seller for any issues unmasked during an inspection. Your best bet is to become familiar with your local ordinances so that you know which issues fall under your responsibility once they have been found during an inspection.


There is no question that home inspections can turn up a number of issues, though on the bright side, most of these issues can be addressed fairly quickly. If you have any other questions regarding repairs post-inspection, make sure to get in touch with us at National Cash Offer!