The most amicable of divorces involve a separation of assets.  The most simple of divorce cases still often take months to settle, add in property and it could take years to complete the entire process.  


You didn’t start the divorce paperwork lightly.  The two of you decided to part ways after much thought and discussion but when you are ready for it be over, you are ready.  You shouldn’t let joint property stand in the way of being able to move on with your life.  


Cost of settling through court


Court costs are high, for everything and divorce is no exception.  To continually go back to court to settle on property costs you both time and money.  You may have to take off days of work to sort it out on multiple occasions.  


So if you are going through a divorce and shared property must be sold to split assets, consult your lawyer, but it may be advantageous to sell to a cash offer rather than waiting for a house to sell on the market.  


What about your investment properties?


In Arizona community property extends to investment properties that were bought while you were married unless explicitly noted.  


If you are forced to sell investment properties as part of splitting your assets we may be able to offer you a quicker and easier solution as well.  Even if your tenants have destroyed the place!


Our property isn’t worth as much


If your property has declined in value it can become a liability in a divorce settlement rather than an asset.  


Luckily we still have options for you that will allow both you and your former spouse to walk away from the marriage and start with a clean slate.  No need to worry about the condition or if there has been extreme weather damage, we buy all sorts of property in almost any condition.  


How quick can we do this?


Because our process doesn’t involve bank financing we are able to work with you to ensure a quicker close date.  We have worked with dozens of homeowners going through a divorce who simply need the closure of the sale of their home in order to move forward.  


Contact us today at National Cash Offer to get a fair and fast cash offer on your home or property.

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