There is no doubt that the average home-seller has a stacked to-do list. When it comes to pre-listing home inspections, they typically don’t sit on the prioritized end of that list.


While pre-listing home inspections aren’t necessarily required, getting one done provides a few nice benefits that might make it worth the extra time and energy. Here are the top things that you need to know about pre-listing home inspections prior to putting your house on the market.



What Is A Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Pre-Listing Home Inspections are very similar to traditional home inspections that buyers would get while in the process of purchasing a home. The main difference between the two inspections is timingPre-listing home inspections happen before the home goes on the market.


Home sellers do these to escape having to deal with nasty surprises that pop up during the regular home inspection.


Pre-listing home inspections attack many similar areas, including the roof, the windows, the foundation, and other major areas. Pre-listing home inspections also allows for additional things like lead paint, water testing, and radon. They typically cost anywhere from $300 to $700 depending on where you live.



Know The Value of Your Home

Plenty of home-sellers have home inspections to determine what kinds of repairs they will have to do before selling. The last thing that a seller wants is to be surprised by some part of the house that is in lousy condition after the buyer’s inspector comes in.


With a pre-listing inspection, you can make all of the required repairs or price your home according to the repairs that it will need.



Not Rushing the Repair Process

If you are planning on getting some repairs done, it can be nice to know what you need way before a buyer ever comes to check out the house. When you know what you need to do prior to listing, you can take the time to get that work done in YOUR free time.


If the standard inspection uncovers some necessary repairs, you’ll have to do it on the buyer’s time, which isn’t possible for everyone.


With a pre-listing inspection, you’ll also have the ability to prioritize certain repairs and improvements, such as the foundation, roof, or HVAC. These kinds of repairs tend to be make-or-break repairs for buyers, so it’s good to get them done fast.



Gain Power Over Your Sale

Having a pre-listing home inspection lays everything out on the line. Having all of this information upfront when you speak to the buyer removes the need for negotiation. Essentially, there won’t be any surprises when the buyer gets his or her inspection.


Beyond that, you get a much stronger position in the negotiation. You can use the inspection as a selling point too.


Of course, there is always the option of skipping the pre-listing home inspection altogether and selling to a company like National Cash Offer.


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