Don't Make Foreclosure Worse as Homeowners! Man Destroys Home

Don’t Make Your Foreclosure Worse! Man Destroys His home!

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Homeowners can often stress out about bills, back taxes and debt. At many times, there can be a lien placed on your house depending on the debt and even the IRS can keep your house as collateral. This cannot only be overwhelming at times, but it also can cause a lot of stress and often at times make the homeowner(s) feel helpless. Angry and even frustrated, many homeowners who owe too much money on their home have contemplated on getting even with the banks or the IRS and have wanted to do something about it.


This was the case with Terry Hoskins in Moscow, Ohio. So as his home was on the line and the IRS were threatening to take his home as collateral, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Terry lived in Ohio at the time, decided that he was not going to stand for the banks and the IRS taking his house so he bulldozed his own home that he owed money on. At the time, he owed $160,000 on almost a $350,000 home and did not see the point of letting the IRS take his home after he received the notification through the mail that he owed too much if he didn’t pay that amount back.



We here at National Cash Offer will buy your home that you owe money on and assist you with the situation. A simple call could yield you money in advance and a way out of your housing debt in just 1 week. Contact us today for all the details. Times can be tough, and in these trying times homeowners may feel defeated and under pressure from the impending foreclosure. We understand this. Whether you are trying to look into working out a solution with your bank or even try to do a short sale with your home, we can help you with a better solution. Don’t try this at home and don’t bulldoze your way into more trouble. You can even get money for your foreclosure home.

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