There is no doubt that touring a property as a home buyer can be an exciting process. You are essentially walking through a place that you might be the owner of someday. While it is an exciting process, you have to keep in mind that this is not your home just yet. Unless the home is brand new, it probably still belongs to someone else, meaning you need to be respectful of that seller.


Here are a couple dos and don’ts to remember before you go on your next property tour!



Do Act As If The Owner Is There

Even if the owner is not physically on the property, he may be watching the tour and checking out different prospective buyers. Homeowners are beginning to use surveillance cameras and microphones very often now, as a way to gain some insight on the people that are entering into their homes. They also help homeowners see what people like and do not like about their home. For you, this means presenting yourself in the best way possible so that you have a better chance of making a good impression.



Don’t Bring Your Friends

While you might want to bring your closest friends to check out the home you might be buying, we don’t recommend it. While we know your friends are fun and you love them dearly, they can be incredibly distracting when it comes to the homebuying process. Friends can also cloud your judgement with their own opinions on the place in question.



Do Watch Your Kids

If you decide to bring your children to the showing, make sure that you keep an eye on them. You don’t want to pay for property damage before you get the chance to live there!



Don’t Arrive Late

Again, this is someone else’s home. You want to arrive on their time, as they have likely planned their day around the showing. Respect that time and make a good impression.



Do Think About Your Future Space

Use this time to be creative and think how you would arrange things in your apartment. How will things fit in the living room? Does the kitchen match your style? What can you use each room for? Make sure to have a list ready so that you can check off boxes or take some notes.



Don’t Start Taking Pictures Without Asking

You’ll likely have your phone in hand when you walk into the home. Though it may seem normal for people to want to take pictures of everything nowadays, you have to remember that you are on someone else’s private property. They don’t want their home popping up on social media without their permission. If you must take photos, ask whoever is in charge first.



Do Have A Good Time!

Viewing a property is an exciting time! It means that you are one step closer to finding the place of your dreams. Make sure to follow our list above so that you can have a good viewing experience.

Have you recently visiting a property viewing? How was your experience. Let us know in the comments!