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Easy Ways To Prepare To Move Into A New Home

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Moving into a new home can be extremely stressful. However, there are ways to prepare your move ahead of time, so the process goes a lot smoother. As soon as you know that you will be moving, it is time to get going on those tasks that will help you in the long run. 



  1. Get rid of anything you don’t want to take with you.

Now is the time to go through that purging session Marie Kondo-style that has been on your to-do list for ages. Go through your belongings ruthlessly to find out what you want to take with you in your new home and what you would rather leave behind. 


Get going on this task as soon as you now that you will be moving to give you time to sell whatever is valuable. You can organize a yard sale, sell them online on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or try to go through a consignment store. You can also donate gently used goods and furniture: some organizations will even pick them up for you. 


Finally, see which pieces of furniture ay or may not fit into your new home. Going through your new residence with a measuring tape is a prudent move that could save you a headache. 



  1. Get a head start on the moving logistics.

Some moving companies, or even hired trucks if you choose to go the DIY route, get booked up weeks ahead at peak moving times. Try to make a reservation for your preferred moving date as soon as you can. If you need help on that day, let the word out to your friends and family who might be able to give you a hand. 


Start stocking on moving supplies like boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Since they can end up being pretty costly, you can ask around if someone you know is moving too and might be willing to give you any leftovers. Keep in mind that heavy but packable items (like books for example) can break boxes and slow down your move, so try to make sure that your boxes are, well, movable. 


Start packing whatever you will not need like seasonal clothes and decor, books, formal china, etc. so you can get a head start on D. Day. If you have a room that does not get used daily (a guest room or a formal dining room for example), you can store anything packed, and your moving supplies out of the way. 



  1. Prepare your new home.

Hire a cleaning service for the day for the home you are leaving and your new home to make sure that you start your new life on a clean slate (and house). 


At least two weeks in advance, plan for your address change including billing address, utilities, subscriptions, mailing address, and bank accounts. It is a good idea to postpone any package delivery until you are settled in your new residence. 


Prepare your move by making sure the utilities will be hooked up and in your name when you move in. If you are moving from an apartment to a house, it might be time to invest in maintenance supplies, like a lawnmower or snowblower. 



  1. Make sure moving day goes smoothly.

Moving day can be hectic, but these steps can help it go more smoothly. 


Make sure you have a baby sitter or a pet sitter if needed. Have a clear schedule and list of tasks for the movers, whether they are hired professionals or willing friends. Time is of the essence since movers are usually paid by the hour and friends may have other obligations, so have everything set and ready to go as much as possible when they arrive.


Don’t get caught bar surprise in the days before moving and pack a survival kit with a change of clothes, toiletry, towels and disposable cutlery and plates. It will serve you well in your new home, so you don’t have to go digging through boxes for your essentials after a long day of moving. 


Research ahead of time if your moving company has rules for specific items, like plants, non-allowable items like aerosol cans, paints, pesticides, cleaning solvents, scuba tanks, propane tanks, fire extinguishers and fertilizer, etc. and plan accordingly. 



  1. Research your new neighborhood

Before you move, try to prepare your new life as much as possible so you can hit the ground running and focus on unpacking these boxes. 


If you need new healthcare providers, school or daycare for your children, etc. do your research ahead of time on social media or word of mouth. It is an excellent time to introduce yourself to your new neighbors too!


Good luck with your move! 


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