The weather is starting to cool off and that means fall is just around the corner. While a lot of homeowners think fall is a time to scale back their gardening, why not plant some gorgeous flowers to get into the season’s spirit?


Not only do fall flowers bring warm fall colors, but they help your home feel a bit more alive when the leaves are changing and the cold weather leaves its chill. While fall is typically known for the orange and red foliage, autumn leaves in shrubs, and pumpkins, you can plant fall flowers that put these colors on display in their own way.



When Is the Best Time to Plant Fall Flowers?

A lot of homeowners aren’t sure the best time to plant their fall flowers. Unlike other flowers, these don’t bloom all year long, so when is the best time to purchase and start gardening?


Unless you live in a warm climate with scorching summers, you actually don’t need to wait until autumn to start planting fall flowers. In fact, if you plant them too late, you’ll shorten the time you get to enjoy them and that’s no fun!


While there’s no set date to start planting, you should begin planting at the end of summer just after the warmest part of the season. You don’t want to stress the plants with too much heat, so wait for the weather to cool off a bit. Early to late August is generally the best choice.



Fall flowers



Which Fall Flowers Should You Plant in Your Yard?

Now let’s talk about the plants that have what it takes to survive the colder season. In the fall, you might experience frost and other harsh conditions that can be challenging on plants, especially flowers.¬†Here are the best flowers to plant in your yard this fall:



1. Chrysanthemums

Also known as “mums,” these flowers are one of the best-loved fall flowers. They showcase full mounds of red, yellow, and violet flowers, making them an easy addition to any fall garden landscape.


First cultivated in China over 6 centuries ago, Chrysanthemums come in all shades of colleges, and they’re one of the hardiest of flowers. These are fall flowers that will last all season and beyond. Mums are surprisingly easy to grow, making them ideal for newbie gardeners of all skill levels.



2. Marigolds (Tagetes)

Marigolds, as the name implies, are known for their stunning gold color. They bring shades of copper and brass into your autumn gardens, and they can even bloom all summer long if you’re in the right climate.


There are actually over 50 species of marigolds, but the best for the fall season are known as tagetes. These are the tallest and most upright, and they can reach over four feet in height. These flowers can be planted anytime through midsummer, but take care during frost.



3. Pansies

Pansies earned themselves a nickname as the flower with faces since their contrasting coloring gives off that appearance. Pansies are a cold-weather favorite, perfect for both spring and fall.


Pansies are too sensitive for the harsh heat of summer, but they can be surprisingly hearty in cold weather. You can always count on your pansies to survive a frost, and they can even stay alive and bloom again. Color your garden with these lovely yellow and purple hues.



4. Flowering Cabbage

If you’re a fan of growing plants you can eat, look no further than the flowering cabbage. Adding bold shades of white and purple during fall and early winter is stunning enough, but it’s also a beautiful (and delicious) base for your favorite salad or dishes.


To grow flowering cabbage, you need the night temperature to stay at or below 50 degrees. These are truly a cold-weather garden addition.



5. Red Salvia

Finally, red salvia is a great accent for any home garden or even on a patio in a container garden. As the name might suggest, these flowers are strikingly bright red, and that’s why they’re known as the “scarlet sage.”


While these plants won’t survive a particularly harsh winter, they’re a very hardy plant. They should be good to go through the autumn months, and they’ll give your landscape that classic fall color we all love so much.



Prepare Your Garden or Lawn for Fall

Are you ready to prepare your garden or lawn for fall with these fall flower picks? From cabbage to pansies, there are so many lovely options to choose from.


Better yet, you don’t need to have a green thumb to make your garden bloom. A bit of care and seasonal know-how will go a long way. Celebrate the fall season with beautiful touches of nature!