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First-Time Home Seller Tips (2021)

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Selling a home is an entirely different ball game compared to buying a home. When buying a home, there are many feelings and emotions at play. Selling a home, however, requires the maximization of profit potential.

These tips will apply to those selling a home for the first time, as well as those who need a little refresh.


Price Your Home Correctly


To price your home correctly, you will want to speak with a reputable listing agent. Don’t ask your friend’s brother who dabbles in the world of real estate as a part-time car salesman. Speaking with someone who has the experience, preferably in the right neighborhood, can help price a home with accuracy.

An agent can prepare a value estimate by analyzing comparable sales. This is referred to as a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis).


Staging A Home


While open houses aren’t nearly as big as they used to be, it is worth inquiring about how you should prepare your home for the market. Sometimes homes show much better once a majority of the furniture in the house has been removed.

You’ve done your job if a buyer walks into the door and wonders if anyone actually lives in the house. A well-staged home can boost the appeal and selling power.


Find the Right Listing Day


Choosing the best day to list your home is important as well. The day will depend on the neighborhood you live in, the time of year, the surrounding community, and a number of additional factors. Speaking with a reputable agent can provide you with the status of your present real estate market, giving you a better idea of when you should list.

Remember, you only get one shot to present your home in the best way possible when it first hits the market. Do it right.


Inquire About Commission


Ask about your agent’s real estate commission and decide whether it is reasonable or not. You might also want to check his or her performance and track records.

Homes don’t sell themselves. Of course, there are quick-sell services like those that we supply here at National Cash Offer, but we also have experience and a finger on the pulse of the market. Selling a home is not as easy as clicking a button, though many people will try to sell you on that idea.


Get Professional Photography


Chances are if you’ve hired a top-of-the-line real estate agent, your agent likely got you in touch with a professional photographer to help acquire the best photos for your listing. The best photos are those that have depth and color.

You may even want to ask about creating a virtual tour for prospective buyers as well.


Get Your Movers Lined Up


For example, if you are planning to move at the end of June, which is one of the busiest months for moving companies, you may want to hire your movers in advance so that you aren’t struggling to find people the week of.

Begin packing prior to your home hitting the market to give yourself a head start on the process and you’ll have peace of mind when the time comes to move on.

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