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Fun and Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Home’s Exterior For Halloween

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The holiday season is coming up, meaning it’s time to get ready to decorate your home so that you can share in the festivities.


While it can be fun to decorate your home for the holidays, it’s important not to spend too much money on decorations that will only stay up for a few days or weeks — especially if you’re planning on selling your home anytime soon.


As Halloween is the first holiday of the season, we thought we’d share with you a few fun and inexpensive ways to decorate your home’s exterior.


Ready to get started? Let’s take a look at some fun Halloween decorations you can put up without spending too much money.


Reusable Jack-o-Lanterns


Jack-o-Lanterns are a classic Halloween decoration, but it can be too expensive and time-consuming to buy and carve multiple pumpkins every year.


Instead, stop by your nearest hobby store to find artificial pumpkins, which you can re-use every Halloween. These artificial pumpkins can still be carved and lit up, so you don’t have to miss out on the fun of carving your own decorations.


This inexpensive alternative is a great way to decorate your home’s exterior without breaking the bank.


Milk Jug Ghosts


For this next Halloween decoration, you need to collect enough plastic milk jugs to line your home’s walkway.


To start, wash and dry each container. Then, use black construction paper to cut out eyes, noses, and mouths. Glue the pieces on to the front of your milk jugs and place an artificial candle inside of each jug to light up the ghost faces that you’ve created.


Finally, simply line the milk containers along your walkway for an easy and inexpensive Halloween decoration.


Wash-Away “Paint”


Did you know many laundry detergents contains phosphorous which glows under a black light?


With this in mind, you can use laundry detergent to paint spooky messages and/or pictures around the exterior of your home. Then, use a black light to make the laundry detergent glow in the dark.


Once Halloween is over, you can quickly wash away the detergent for easy cleanup.


DIY Cemetery


With just a few tools and some reclaimed materials, you can easily create a cemetery in your home’s front yard.


To start, simply find several flat pieces of cardboard or flatten a few cardboard boxes. Next, use a marker to draw several tombstone shapes on the cardboard.


Use scissors to cut out the tombstones, then paint them in with a grey color. Once the paint is dry, you can write messages (e.g. R.I.P) on the front of each tombstone before planting them in your yard.


Specimen Jars


By using just a few glass jars, you can turn an outdoor table into an evil scientist’s collection of specimens.


Start by collecting a few empty mason jars and putting a creepy item into each one. For example, you can use artificial spiders or eyeballs, which you can purchase from a crafts store. Next, simply fill the jars with water and add a few drops of food coloring to make them look like lab specimens.


With these easy Halloween decorations, you can decorate your home without spending too much money.

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