When you’re trying to sell your home, you want to make it look as appealing as possible. While you shouldn’t judge a book (or house) by its cover, that’s exactly what many homebuyers do when they’re searching online for the house of their dreams.


Humans are visual. When we decide whether we like something, we use our eyes as a leading factor. Since most homebuying is done online, at least in the initial marketing stages, the photos used in your home listing matter. In this guide, we’ll discuss why you should hire a professional photographer to help sell your home.


Should you hire a professional photographer? Staged Home


Your Photos are Your First Impression

The photos you or your agent posts of your home act as a first impression. This is what prospective buyers see when they’re scrolling through available homes. If the first photo doesn’t stand out or fails to show the property in a good light, online browsers will likely just keep scrolling.


Buyers show with their eyes. A research study revealed that 95% of buyers look at pictures before they look at any other information on your home listing. If you post poor quality photos of your home, you’re making a poor first impression. If you or your seller is sloppy with photo taking, the buyer might get the idea that you’re a sloppy homeowner. While this sounds like a big jump to make, the point stands that these photographs matter.


Additionally, the better your home photography is, the more versatile it becomes. The right photos perform highly not just on popular home listing websites, but also on social media. Think of how many photos you’re bombarded with on your social media feed. Now, consider your own home photos. Do they stand out? Can they hold users’ attention? If the answer is no, you need to bring in a professional.


What Makes a Good Home Photo?

Now that we’ve defined why home photography is so essential, it’s time to define what good home photography is. Smartphone cameras are better than ever. While you might be able to get away with average or even above average photos on your smartphone, this still doesn’t compare with the work of a professional.


Everyone is attracted to beautiful photography. It speaks for itself. A professional photographer is a master at:


  • Art direction – They know how to create stunning visuals.
  • Staging – They can help with staging furniture, items, and more to make the room look welcoming and homey.
  • Composition – A professional composition will elevate your space, making it appear more editorial and expensive.
  • Lighting – Nothing ruins a photo faster than poor lighting.
  • Editing – Finally, a professional can bring out the best of the photo with editing.


In addition to traditional photography, many real estate agents are adding new forms of media like video into the home selling process. A video walkthrough, for instance, is a great way to bring buyers into a space virtually.


Professional photos give you a competitive edge over the homes in your market. They encourage buyers to take action now, and they can even do wonders for your home value by showing off the best your home has to offer.


Talk to Your Agent About Photography

If you’ve been using average photography to sell your home, it’s time to talk to your real estate agent. Many agents today include photography as a marketing cost, and they can help arrange a professional session that will transform your home’s online presence.


Buyers can tell the difference between sloppy photos and professional photos. It’s time to elevate your home photography with the help of a professional. You should hire a professional photographer when selling your home. It will make all of the difference.