Is getting your home inspected a good idea? This or a similar question may be running through your mind before you list. If you ask your agent they will definitely tell you to get that inspection done before listing your home. Why before, you ask?


The potential buyers are going to have the home inspected regardless so why spend your time doing it too? There are a lot of potential gains for a seller having the inspection done before listing. What are the pros and how should you go about it?



What You Have To Gain For Inspecting

Knowing what you have to gain from a home inspection can really support you in deciding to get one or not.


Finding out the condition of your home. This is a given but the advantages you get for knowing the condition of your home can really speed up the selling process. Lot’s of time sellers are afraid that buyers will find something that will kill the sale. If you inspect beforehand and find any issues you can go ahead and mend them before they become sale killers.


Accurate home pricing. Having an inspection helps you find an accurate home price. Even the best relators struggle to find accurate home prices if they don’t know the full condition of the home. Having all the facts make pricing way more simple.


Less stress. By not knowing if there’s anything wrong with the home you will start to make things up in your mind. Typically the mind will assume the worst which will add stress to you which can affect the sale alone. Break through your fear and get the home inspected, that way you will know if there is anything wrong or not. Either way, it’s better to know than to make things up.


Makes the buyer relax. Anything that puts the buyer at ease is probably worth doing. You don’t want to slow them down or give them much pause to take action on your home. Without getting an inspection it might show that you’re nervous or may have something to hide. They’re going to inspect you anyway so put their minds at ease too.



How To Start An Inspection?

If you’ve now decided to get an inspection then it’s time to move to the next step, the inspection (If you KNOW there’s an issue in your home get that fixed before you have an inspection). Ask your real estate agent if they recommend any inspectors or find your own online. Set a date for the inspection and ask your agent to be there during the inspection. It’s a great chance for the agent to understand the issues and just how big they are instead of getting a bunch of papers to read.


Regardless of how well your inspection comes out they buyers inspectors might find something that yours didn’t. It’s okay and it’s quite common, listen to your buyer’s needs and see if the repair is worth the sale. If it’s way too much then renegotiate and remember you’re all on the same team, there’s no drama needed in negotiations.