First impressions are everything. When a buyer walks into a house that is for sale, they typically decide whether they like it within 30 seconds of being inside it. This may seem unfair on the surface. How can they possibly know whether a house is right for them within 30 seconds? Fortunately, there are ways that you can ensure that your home makes the best first impression possible. From the furniture and soft-finishings to the color scheme, there are certain decor styles that help to sell your home more quickly and for a higher price. Read on to find out how furniture can help to sell your home.



Create An Instant Impression

Furniture in a home should be in keeping with the style and size of the property. For example, a Mediterranean style modern property may look a little odd if inside the furniture and decor is all mid-century modern. Although both styles have their fans, it is essential that you cater to the potential buyer of your property specifically. Likewise, furniture that is too large for a space can cause it to look smaller than it is. If you have a dining room table that seats twelve people in a 10×12 room, it will become extremely distracting to potential buyers, and they will worry that the home cannot accommodate their needs.



Create A Cohesive Style

There is a multitude of decor styles that you can decorate a home in. Whether you live near the beach and adopt a coastal style, or you prefer traditional interior design elements, it is essential that the styles marry with each other. Going from room to room and not having a cohesive flow can hinder a buyers ability to recognize your home’s potential. It is important that all of your furniture pieces compliment each other in style and size. If you are not sure what style your home should be, consider utilizing the services of a professional staging company or interior designer who can help you to devise an aesthetically pleasing decor plan.





An Empty Space

Sometimes homes are left empty, and all furniture and soft furnishings are taken with the owners. While a lot of people think that a blank canvas is the best way to sell a home, it can actually make it harder. Most people have difficulty visualizing a space. If your floor plan isn’t blatantly set up in a traditional manner, furniture can help to direct buyers attention to the usage of the rooms. A home should include basic essentials such as a living room set, including a sofa and coffee table, plus lighting and light fixtures. It is also helpful to have the master bedroom set up. Remember, you are selling a lifestyle, and your home should convey that.



Keep It Neutral

Although you don’t want a home that is empty and lacks personality, you also don’t want to bombard potential buyers with loud colors and busy fabrics. When it comes to selling your home, neutrality is the best route. Think clean, bright colors and soft furnishings that open up space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is okay to have pieces of furniture that are unique, or a pop of color, but be mindful that your personal style may not be to everyone else’s taste.


Styling your home for sale is an art, and requires a certain amount of knowledge about current trends and what buyers are looking for. If you aren’t sure about how to get your home ready to hit the market, consider finding a good interior designer or staging company who can guide you through the process. A professional with knowledge about interior design can help to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price.