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How long does it take to buy a home?

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How long does it takes to buy a home with a realtor

With many real estate agents, closing the first transaction takes longer. The process is not easy and the duration vary from one realtor to the other. Each realtor will have their story about their first closing and the timeline is never the same. Closing should normally take 50 days after accepting a deal. This is the average time that is needed for a deal to move from contract to closing.


When it comes to listing, the national average time on the market before listing turns into a contract is four weeks. Buyers may tour different houses before they find the one that fits their aesthetics. The process takes 10-12 weeks for an average home buyer.


New real estate agents should not expect a commission for the first few months. However, if there is a home that is under contract for the first few weeks, there is an anomaly involved. The anomaly proves to be very rare. Many variables are involved to put an average on the time it takes for a realtor to close. The following are different factors that play part in a realtor making a close;



Cash vs. credit

Cash offers reduces the time taken to close. It may not always be an option for buyers. When buyers need a loan to buy a home, the process of buying can slow down. A mortgage pre-approval letter can be used to speed up the process. The letter proves to the seller that the buyer is a prospective party who is ready to buy. This helps the seller to get into contract with the buyer thus making it easier for the realtor to close.




There are factors that cannot be controlled, such as the tome of the year. Summer seasons record higher numbers of home ownership compared to winter. Real estate agents help to ease the process of home ownership to buyers. The process takes longer during winter and is fast during summer. The situation is better if the realtor wants to take chances and acquire experience instead of diving right into it.




The brokers that realtors work with may offer less or more lead generation opportunities. There are those who offer education opportunities that will help the realtor to improve their skills that will set and prepare them for their first sale. This goes hand in hand with finding a good mentor that the real estate agent can work well with them. A real estate mentor will guide the realtor in different aspects in the beginning stages of the career.


In real estate, it may take longer for an agent to make their first commission. However, once it is done, the realtor understands and appreciates every step of the process.



What realtors can do to speed up their closing

Waiting for a person to call you may take an eternity. Realtors can speed up this process by making lead generation a top priority. Here are a few ways realtors can use to market themselves and create lifetime connections with prospective buyers:


• Ask for jobs after finishing licensing exam. Putting yourself out there is the initial step of gaining new leads and getting clients

• Get high-quality business cards and hand them out. Potential clients are likely to remember you if you make a professional first impression.

• Hold open houses for other realtors at your brokerage. Being a team player is essential since you are being helpful and you are in a position where you can meet potential home buyers and sellers.

• Take advantage of every opportunity you get. Learning opportunities should be embraced as this increases knowledge and communication skills.


Here are pros and cons associated with realtors;



Advantages of real estate agents

• Direct access to listed properties

• Access to multiple listing service (MLS)



Disadvantages of real estate agents

• It is costly to get a license

• Payments are made through brokers first



How long does it takes to buy a home with a wholesaling buyer

Wholesaling is based on selling and buying of homes faster without making any repairs. Wholesalers get houses under contract, below the market value, and sells these houses or assigns the contract to other investors. Wholesalers sell the homes with cash offers of cash-like loans since there is limited time to acquire loans and there are no inspections or appraisals.


Every owner-occupied buyers are required to complete these items to get a loan, and this is the reason why properties are sold to other investors. The wholesaler does not need to use their finances since they use double close or an assignment of contract. Double closing ensures that the title company will utilize their money from the end investor to help the original seller. Therefore, the wholesaler does not have to take part in raising the case. The wholesaler only assigns the contract to the end investor, where the end investor becomes the buyer.


Here are pros and cons of wholesaling in real estate;



Advantages of wholesaling

• Eliminates need for formal education

• Ability to work with real estate deal scouts

• There are no membership fees

• There is an accessibility to unlisted properties



Disadvantages of wholesaling

• There are no associated benefits

• No direct access to real estate agents lock box codes



Take Away

Wholesaling real estate is an investment choice but being a realtor is a career path. The whole process of wholesaling takes longer than any traditional sale. Wholesalers indicate that you will get your money faster when you choose to sell through them. This is considered a marketing gimmick since the time takes longer from when you sign an assignment contract to the closing table. Wholesalers take longer to close than real estate agents. There are 30 more days in the process of wholesaling.


Showings are an inconvenience to all sellers. This is because people do not like when strangers are working in their homes looking at their stuff. However, going through a wholesaler should not mean that you will be saved from intrusion. People do not invest in homes that they have not seen. Showing should be done whether it is through a wholesaler or a real estate agent. This helps in the process of home ownership and increases the duration it takes to buy a house.

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