Cleveland, Ohio city, is well known for its vast number of best hospitals in the world. Living in Cleveland is relatively cheap, as the city has a low population density. Housing facilities are readily available in the city and are inexpensive to acquire and afford as the city spreads out. Affordability of houses is made possible by a new lease on old buildings where the old commercial buildings turn into residential buildings. It is quite manageable to acquire homes in Cleveland, Ohio, compared to other cities in the United States.


Costs vary in different parts of the city. In this discussion, we will look at how much does a house in Cleveland, Ohio, costs. The rising project development opportunities, the redevelopment of Lakeshore, and the possibility of future research jobs in Cleveland giving rise and trend of the real estate market in the city. The number of homes in the stage of foreclosures in Cleveland is 2,222, which is much higher over the foreclosures Columbus, which 1285 homes listed.


Homes for sale in Cleveland Ohio have become a significant investment nowadays. How much a house in Cleveland costs depend on factors such as the neighborhood and whether you are temporarily or permanently acquiring a home. The average rent in Cleveland is $1,105, and the average price to afford a house is around $150,000.



Getting A home

Homes for sale in Cleveland Ohio have a different price tag depending on the neighborhood of the house and the size of the house. To permanently acquire an average apartment in Cleveland, Ohio, you are to part with around $150,000 as this is the average price to buy an apartment in the city. The price may be much less or much high than the average rate depending on the location of the house, neighborhoods, and market trends. The following are examples of the homes and their costs in Cleveland Ohio available for purchase;


1. On 17714, S Miles Rd, Cleveland, OH 44128, a 3-bedroom and a 2-bathroom apartment on a 2475 square foot land listed at the cost of $160,000.


2. 3690 Daleford Rd, Cleveland, OH 44120, a 4-bedroom and a 2.5-bathroom apartment on a 1,891 square foot land listed at $135,000.


3. 13610 Shaker Blvd Apt 301, Cleveland, OH 44120, a 3-bedroom and a 2-bathroom apartment on a 2,037 square foot land listed at the cost of $149,900.


4. 12202 Buckingham Ave, Cleveland, OH 44120, a 2-bedroom and a 2-bathroom apartment on a 2950 square foot land listed at $99,000.


5. 6714 Sebert Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105, a 6-bedroom and a 3-bathroom apartment on a 3380 square foot land listed at $104,500.


6. 13700 Cormere Ave, Cleveland, OH 44120, a 4-bedroom and a 2.5-bathroom apartment on a 2205 square foot land listed at $200,000.



The rental prices for houses in Cleveland Ohio average at $1,105. This rental price varies greatly depending on the size and the neighborhood of the house. The neighborhood compares to the low-rent and high-rent community. With the low-rent community, the following are the ten most affordable Cleveland neighborhoods to rent a home with the price tag per month;


1. Woodland Hills – $489


2. Kinsman – $489


3. Union-Miles Park – $541


4. South Broadway – $562


5. Jefferson – $592


6. Brooklyn-Center – $631


7. West Park – Kamm’s Corners – $644


8. South Collinwood – $652


9. North Collinwood – $680


10. Euclid-Green – $689


The renters pay a minimum of $489 and a maximum of $689 per month for an apartment. This range is cheap and affordable, as it lies below the average rent of $1,105 per month.

The high-rent neighborhood refers to the rental rates above the average rent of $1105 per month. These are the most expensive neighborhoods to live in. The following are the most popular high-rent neighborhoods in Cleveland Ohio;

1. Ohio City – $1,433.


2. University – $1,448.


3. Downtown Cleveland – $1,468


4. Industrial Valley – $1,540


Looking at a different perspective of how much does a house in Cleveland Ohio costs, we can take the view of building a house. The cost of building a house gets to track by having a building budget that is exhaustive and precise. The price of land determines the cost of a house in Cleveland Ohio, the cost of construction materials, the cost of hiring a contractor, and the permit fee imposed in the city.


Land Price

In reality, the land is a necessity to start and build a home. The cost of building a house includes the cost of purchasing the land on which the house lays. An average price of a piece of land is $32,077 per acre in Cleveland, Ohio. The price depends on the location and suitability of the land for construction activities.


Cost of hiring contractors and buying materials

Hiring a contractor helps to have a more detailed estimate of the construction. The contractor factors in the cost of labor, quality of exterior materials, cost of finishing requirements, quality of foundation, and complexity of the home structure. The cost of building a house in Cleveland Ohio averages at $104.95 per square foot with a possibility of additional costs that range from $30 per square foot to $80 per square foot.


Permit fee

Homes for sale in Cleveland Ohio builders have to buy three building permits before setting on construction activities. The building permits generally cost around $500 and $2,000. Additional fees for site inspection and utility connection may accrue in case the land hasn’t been built on.

Building houses in Cleveland Ohio tends to be incurring a lot of costs, but in the long run, it is the best direction to take for the cost of a house.


Generally, the above discussion is extensively helpful when determining the cost of houses in Cleveland Ohio. Determining the cost of the house depends on whether you are buying, renting, or building one for yourself. The three significant determinants are given weight by other factors such as the neighborhood, cost of materials to build, availability of jobs, social amenities and development projects, and population density in the city. The number of properties on the stage of foreclosure in Cleveland outdoes the foreclosures Columbus list.