Fences are typically put up for practical uses for privacy, animals, or guarding a pool. Do they really add value though, especially if the potential buyers don’t care about privacy or own any animals? Many people argue that a fence doesn’t guarantee a return on investment and some even say it can take away from the home’s value. Is this true and are there cases where it increases the home value?


Cost Of A Fence

First, let’s go into the typical cost of a fence. On average a fence can cost around $1,700 to $4,000 based on research from HomeAdviser.  Now, of course, this depends on the size of your yard and any landscaping that may be needed but this should give you a general idea. It’s important to keep specific materials and dimensions in mind as you estimate your project price and build a budget.


For example, wood options average $2,700 to install while brick or stone projects average $4,600. Chain link fences average $1,900 while vinyl ones are closer to $3,500.If you’re going for cheap and are just concerned about your dogs then maybe an electric fence is the best option, the next cheapest option up would be chain-linked fences. Wrought Iron fences tend to be the most expensive at $25-30 per linear foot.





What To Do Before Installing A Fence

Know your property borders! Nothing upsets a neighbor more than when you encroach on their territory. Check your land boundary on your home’s plat and if you don’t have that then go head down to the county assessor’s office or call in a land surveyor to get you the right measurements. Other things to make note of are gas lines, cable lines, any trees in the way or rocks.



Will A Fence Add Value?

After all of that work is your fence going to add value to your home? It depends on a few factors such as material, condition, and buyers.

First, the materials matter because not many home buyers like the look of a chain linked fence, and if they want privacy then they’re probably looking for a wood fence that blocks the view.


The condition matters because the potential buyers aren’t thrilled about doing repairs after buying.

And the buyers matter because the #1 thing dog owners look for in a home is if it has a fence, especially if they’re near a busy street.


Now if you’re looking just to improve the value of your home then there are better landscaping ideas to achieve the increased value. Don’t invest in a fence just to increase the value of your home, but if you already have one then it might appeal to some home buyers especially if they have dogs.