In the current home buying market, it’s harder than ever to find people who are looking to buy a home that actually end in a transaction. When searching for home buyers, it’s not enough to target just anyone interested in buying a home. You want to target motivated buyers who are ready to purchase.



1. Utilize Community Pages

When it comes to making an impact online, you need to make the most of the community pages already available to you. Every link and exposure your home will help your search engine results. This means your social media will display higher for buyers searching in your area.


How do you make the most of community pages? First, make it a priority to build local pages for your neighborhoods and school districts. Produce content on these pages that show you’re an authority in local home sales. Content like virtual video tours, blog posts about the neighborhood, and more will encourage buyers to reach out to you for guidance. Finally, research real estate keywords in your area to learn how to rank higher on search engines to sell your home.



2. Consider the Buyers’ You Want

If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to nobody. You need to consider what type of buyer for your home that you want to have. Let’s face it: you want serious buyers. That means you probably aren’t as interested in hearing from 10+ potential buyers who are undecided if buying a house is right for them. You want the buyers who know what they want, and who are serious about making a purchase.


How do you find these individuals? Through targeted marketing. Consider the type of online content these buyers want to be attracted to. Even the popular real estate platform Zillow capitalizes on this trend to attract buyers. What content can you create that speaks to this ready-to-buy audience?



3. Take Better Photos

Another important aspect of attracting motivated buyers is your photos. Listings with 6+ photos have proven to get more than 3 times the inquiries. Buyers won’t even bother clicking on any listings without photos. That’s why you should take the photographing process seriously.


Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to get the job done well. Just focus on the basics of good photography: natural lighting, the rule-of-thirds, and clear pictures. Don’t be afraid to use editing software to brighten photos.



4. List Your Home

Prepare your home for great listing results. Post your home on website selling home sites and create a great profile of your home that is as informative as possible. Show excellent photos, focus on the great features about the home and what they will be getting. Lastly, take in propositions and consider your options.