How To Clean Your Pool

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When the subject of pool ownership is raised, some people immediately think of the effort and time required to clean this backyard feature.  Though cleaning a pool can be somewhat of a chore, it is not as onerous of a task as some make it out to be.  Without further do, let’s take a look at how to clean a pool.



Start by Cleaning the Skimmer Basket

The first step in cleaning a pool is to clean out the skimmer basket.  If you use chlorine, check the skimmer basket’s chlorine pucks to determine if the time is right to add another.  Clear out all the dead bugs, leaves and other gunk from the skimmer basket so it is completely clear.  This way, there will be ample space for more debris to collect as it is moved around during the pool cleaning.



Skim the Pool Before Vacuuming

Connect the leaf skimmer to the telescopic pole.  Skim the surface of the pool to eliminate leaves, dead bugs and other unsavory items in the water.  Fail to skim the pool and there is a good chance the majority of the leaves and dead bugs floating in the water will end up on the bottom of the pool in due time.  If your kids have left any toys in the pool, scoop them right on out with the skimmer pole so they do not interfere with the pool cleaning.



cleaning a swimming pool


Vacuum the Pool

The pool’s floor and walls must be vacuumed at least once every week for optimal cleanliness and beauty.  Zero in on the parts of the pool that have minimal water circulation as they are likely to be quite dirty.  Just be sure to use the vacuum head that is ideal for your unique pool type. Some vacuum heads are ideal for specific types of pool surfaces such as a vinyl liner, concrete or fiberglass.  Move the vacuum head across the entirety of the pool bottom and sides to suck up all the algae, dirt, bugs and other gunk that has accumulated throughout your pool. 



Mind the Pool Filter

Your pool filter is essential for the collection of tiny particles and debris.  The elimination of these particles keeps your pool water crystal clear.  Ideally, your pool filter will run a minimum of 8-10 hours each day.  Take care of your filter and it will perform exactly as it should.  If your pool has a cartridge filter, you can remove the cartridge component and clean it with water from a pressure washer or garden hose.  Clean these cartridges with regularity and they will likely last upwards of two swimming seasons. 


Those who have a D.E. or sand filter will have to perform a backwash to eliminate debris, dirt and other gunk.  Perform a backwash to reverse the flow of water through the filter to the tank bottom and upward by way of the filter media.  This process flushes away all of the debris and dirt that has accumulated across the waste line. 


If you have a D.E. Filter, clean the grid elements a minimum of once per year.  Take a look at the owner’s manual to figure out how to properly remove the grids.  Wash off the grids with a powerful water stream.  Fill a large container with water, add half a cup of dishwasher detergent and soak the grids with this combination of liquids for upwards of four hours.  Rinse the elements prior to putting them back in the filter. 

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