Increasing the chances to sell your home can cost a fortune at times, but you’d be surprised what small steps you can take to dramatically change the curb appeal of your home. You only get the chance to create one first impression so it’s really important to leave an impact. How can you do this and remain in a budget that doesn’t hurt your finances? Let’s start at your door.



Front Door

Consider any modifications that would add some flavor to your front door. Adding a reef that matches the seasons can give your home that warm and fuzzy feeling. Painting the door a new color that compliments the house can give the impression that you have taken care of the home consistently. Anything that paints a picture in the potential buyers head of them living there will support you here. This task can be completed for around 20 bucks and a few hours or less. 



The Lawn

When you have warning ahead of time that someone is coming to look at the house you better prepare. Take the time to make sure the lawn is looking neat and tidy for the future buyers. No toys or weeds should be hanging around, that’s an instant turn off. There’s even green spray paint that’s environmentally friendly that you can use to touch up your lawn. You never know what will leave a lasting impact on people. This can cost you $30 tops!




If you have a garden then show it some love keep it nice and tidy. If it’s winter time then clean up the area and any dirt that may be laying around. If you don’t have a garden then investing in some small potted plants can go a long way. This can either be done for free or $20 to $40!



Wash It

Invest in power washing your house and driveway. This can create a crisp look to the home and show that you care for it. Renting a power washer can cost $50 to $75 a day so be sure to get what you need to be completed in one day.

Even doing one or two of these steps can dramatically change that curb appeal of your home. It’s important to create an image for the buyer of them living there and coming home every day to a beautiful lot. If you manage to do all these steps you might not even want to sell your home anymore.