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How To Create Curb Appeal Online

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If you’re trying to sell your home, of course you want to get as many potential buyers interested in buying your home as possible. So how do you make your house stand out? Especially in this foreclosure-saturated market where homes are not selling for months?


In the past, selling your house has always been about curb appeal. Complete with a perfect looking lawn, a concrete walkway, a fresh coat of paint. But in today’s world, most (if not all) home buyers look online, it’s all about creating curb appeal online. You want to attract visitors to your listing, and impress them once they’re there.





Using The Internet:

  • List it on the top real estate websites like; Zillow, Trulia, or others that have nearly 9 million visitors a month.
  • Use social media. Such social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help you sell your home. Change your status on LinkedIn or Facebook to “Selling My House” and link it to your listing from your profile. You can also hire a blogger to write a post about your house so that you can get the word out more. Find your local group’s on Facebook to help you sell your home quicker.
  • E-mail your own network of friends so that they can get the word out there too.



Make it enticing:

Once you’ve got the attention of potential home buyers for your house, how do you get them to take the next step and contact your agent or to stop by and see your open house?

  • Pictures. Lots and lots of beautiful photos.  Make your main display photo the one that best represents your home. Take photos of the things people care about like; the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the bathroom. Let the photos tell your home’s story and then add a great marketing description that captures everything in words.
  • Price it to sell. You’re competing with all the other homes that are on sale, so make your home standout to potential buyers. Look at your house like a buyer would. Search through various neighborhoods online and see how your house compares to the other homes on the market. Are you priced competitively? Would a potential home buyer think they are getting a good deal on your home?

Lastly, if this doesn’t workout for you online, you can always sell your home with us at National Cash Offer. We can give you an offer within minutes and give you cash for your home. Give us a call today or just fill out one of our forms!

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