Owning a pet can be very exciting. For a lot of people, owning a pet is like adding a new member to your family.


However, as a pet owner, it’s important to keep your pet safe and protect your home from your pet. This means learning how to turn your house into a pet-friendly home.


Learning how to have a pet-friendly home is, fortunately, an easy task. All it takes is a little bit of research and preparation.


Follow these tips to quickly and effectively put together a pet-friendly home.



Pick the Right Floors

The first step in making a pet-friendly floor is to pick the right floors.


Pets can be pretty rough. Since they have claws, this can cause noticeable scratches and dents on your flooring.


While hardwood is typically the floor material of choice, it is very vulnerable to damage. In order to avoid extensive damage, laminate flooring, concrete, porcelain tile, and stone tiles are often a better option.


However, if you’re set on hardwood, be sure to choose harder woods like oak to avoid too much damage.


Also, be sure to protect areas that are used often with rugs.



Use Pet Gates

You’re probably familiar with baby gates, which are generally used to keep babies in their parents’ area of supervision.


Pet gates are essentially the same thing. You can use pet gates to restrict your pets from accessing areas of your home that you don’t want them to go.


This can prevent your pets from entering rooms which you don’t want them to damage. They can also stop them from going into areas which may contain materials that could be harmful to your pets.


Pet gates can be a great tool for creating a pet-friendly home.


Slip-Proof Rugs

Area rugs a great way to improve the appearance of a room. They are also a great way to protect vulnerable floors from damage.


Slip-proof rugs, or rugs with a rubber tread on the bottom, can prevent the rug from moving and leaving the floor vulnerable to damage. They are also a great way to help your pets avoid slipping on smooth surfaces.


Additionally, colorful rugs with patterns are often a great choice to hide stains that might be caused by your pets.



Chemical-Free Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning products often contain chemicals that are harmful to pets, even if they aren’t harmful to humans.


In order to protect your pets from these chemicals, you should be sure to use eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning products on your home’s surfaces.


You can even make your own cleaning supplies with ingredients that you likely already have around your home.



Create a Pet Room

If you have an extra room, consider turning it into a designated pet room instead of a home gym.


You can add protective padding, toys, and other pet-friendly products to turn your extra room into a good place for your pets to play and hang out. This will help protect your other rooms and keep your pets safe without sticking your pets into a cage.


By following these tips, you can easily make your house into a pet-friendly home without spending too much money.