Moving to new digs does not have to be the nightmare everyone makes it out to be.  Instead of asking friends to help with your move, it is better to hire a moving company.  Professional movers know exactly how to move fragile and heavy items without damaging them or your home.  However, no two moving companies are equal.



How to Find Moving Companies

The days of opening the yellow pages to search for local moving companies are long gone.  It is a mistake to search the web for local movers and choose the first one that pops up.  If you are going to choose a moving company based on a web search, be sure to check out multiple businesses’ websites before making a commitment.  Do not be fooled by an overly-polished website.  Keep on digging to find out more about the moving company you have in mind and you might not like what you find.



Read the Online Reviews

Online reviews provide insight into the merit of service providers.  However, it is not enough to read the reviews posted to the moving company’s website.  Check out online review directories before making a commitment to a specific moving business.  If it appears as though former customers have similar complaints, it is a sign the moving company has not improved its customer service or quality of work.



Hire a moving company


Choose a Mover With Transparent Pricing

Contact a moving service and you will be provided with a rate based on either the number of movers necessary to complete the move or the number of hours required to get the job done.  The rate you are initially quoted is the base rate.  Base rates do not include packing materials that might be necessary, additional costs to move heavy objects and other extra costs.  Find out what these extra costs will amount to.  If it seems like the moving company representative is trying to disguise costs or flat-out refuses to provide transparent pricing, do not give that company your business.



Ask Others About the Merits of Local Moving Companies

Ask everyone in you family, social and work circles about the best movers in town.  Some common threads will likely emerge in the responses.  You should put more faith in these responses than online reviews as you can trust those in your social, family and work circles than strangers posting reviews to the web.  Sadly, you cannot trust all online reviews.



Insurance and Licensing

If the moving company you select is not insured and licensed, they are not worthy of your business.  The sad truth is anyone can purchase a truck and claim they are operating a moving company.  However, such a person is not bound by the law to protect customer property.  This is precisely why you should only consider insured and licensed moving companies for your move.  Hire a moving company without insurance and you run the risk of legal liability for injuries that occur on your property in the process of the move.