With so much technology taking over all aspects of our lives, it’s no wonder more families are heading to the backyard for some must-needed relaxation. Having a backyard adds significant value to your home. Outdoor space is perfect for family fun, entertaining, and even just exploring your own green thumb. 


However, a backyard on its own isn’t always enough. Installing a waterfall in your backyard is a simple way to add more dimension to your own outdoor space. Not only do waterfalls add an element of relaxation, but they also mask loud sounds from traffic, neighbors, or nearby construction. Here’s why you should consider a waterfall in your own backyard, and also how to get started with the installation. 



Why Build a Waterfall?

We all know how powerful pools are in your backyard. Of course, they’re great fun on their own, but they’re also a way to boost your home value. Adding a pool to your backyard is said to increase your home value by 8% of the sale price. However, pools don’t always make sense for all homeowners. 


First of all, the cost of maintaining a pool is steep. In some climates, pools might not be usable during the majority of the year. These things will all need to be taken into consideration when considering building a pool in your backyard. An excellent alternative is a waterfall. 


A waterfall is a type of water feature that can be built into your existing backyard. While you certainly can add a waterfall to an existing pool, it can also be built on its own or into a smaller pond. This means you don’t have to worry about raising your insurance costs, expensive maintenance, or seasonal use. Make the waterfall as big or as small as you want without the same high cost of a pool. It’s an easy transformation that will wow your guests and your future homebuyers. 



Installing a Waterfall in Your Backyard

Now that you understand why a waterfall is such a great addition to any backyard, it’s time to talk about how to actually do it. You have three main options: purchase a ready-made waterfall, DIY your water feature yourself, or hire a professional. The lowest-cost option will, of course, be to do it yourself. The materials are simpler than you think, and as long as you have some mid-level handiwork skills, you can likely manage it on your own. 


However, if you’re looking to create something more robust, a professional or ready-built model is the way to go. Start by searching for backyard waterfall inspiration to see what speaks the most to you and suits your environment. The most important thing to keep in mind is your local weather and seasonal changes. You want something that can be enjoyed the majority of the year to get the most value from your investment. 


From there, find a professional in your area familiar with water pumps. Since backyard waterfalls are so common nowadays, this shouldn’t be much of a challenge. If you don’t mind a bit of elbow grease but don’t want to source materials on your own, opt for a DIY backyard waterfall kit. 


There you have it! That’s all there is to it. If you build your waterfall yourself, you should expect it to take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Otherwise, a professional can likely build it in a few hours or days depending on the size of your water feature. Your backyard just got a whole lot more functional, not to mention relaxing.