If you are just like me, chances are you love to keep things in your home. Unfortunately, keeping things inside of your home isn’t alway a good thing. It can cause you to run out of space in your home. The good thing is that you can always move furniture and rearrange your home to make more room. Here are some tips to make more room in your house or at least to make it look more like it below:


1. Changing The Color of Paint

Choosing the right paint color for your small room can give the interpretation that the room is more spacious. There’s a reason that the usual neutral colors are white, cream and light gray, because they look clean give the impression that the room is brighter and more expansive. Painting the ceiling white will likely make people want to look up and will give the visual look of being more open upward.

The opposite of this would be coloring the space with dark colors, but you can also emphasize the smallness of a room by making a cozy, den-like atmosphere with colors like black, dark gray and navy.

Whether you decide to go light or dark, adding paint to your small space will help you get the effect you’re going for.


2. Storage for Room

Small spaces don’t often come with big storage areas. But by incorporating creative and flexible storage solutions to your spacing problems, you can keep clutter out of sight and keep everything you need easily accessible to you.

The kitchen is one of the best places to store things:

  • Make an adjustable cooking area with roll-away islands and pantries.
  • Store spices or wine glasses beneath your cupboards.
  • Attach holders to the doors of cabinets to keep foil and cleaning supplies out of sight.

Also, the ceiling is a great place to hang big items like bicycles, and you can add shelving high up in closets for items that you may never use.


3. Switching Furniture

When you don’t have enough floor space, it is important to make your furniture work for you in that limited space. Choose pieces that have hidden storage and multiple functions or furniture that you can compact and store when most is not in use can do wonders for your home.

If you can’t fit a dresser in your bedroom, try using drawers or crates under the bed for clothing. Remove things from your doorway by adding a bench in your room with storage inside to hide extra shoes, gloves, etc.

Limited square footage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function and style. Living in a small space is an opportunity to turn it into a bigger space and live a stress-free life. With creative thinking, you can go from a cluttered, to an organized, open space with room for all.