Your home will never reach its full potential unless you bring out the best in the garage.  Sadly, most homeowners neglect their garage as it reeks of vehicle exhaust, feels cramped and is laden with dirt.  Ignore your garage and you run the risk of its unsightly appearance or uncleanliness being a deal-breaker for interested home-buyers.  If you are thinking about selling your home or have already decided to put your house on the market, it is imperative you make the garage a selling point.  Here’s how to do it.



The Garage Should Serve Multiple Purposes

A garage that serves multiple purposes is much more valuable than a garage that merely provides a parking space.  If your garage has space beyond that which is necessary to accommodate your vehicle(s), you should consider making use of that space.  As an example, the addition of a workshop to your garage will provide home-seekers with a space to work on various projects. 


If you live in a city that does not receive snow, it might make sense to convert the garage to an apartment and park your vehicle in a carport, the driveway or elsewhere.  This way, the buyer will have another source of income in the form of a garage apartment.  You do not have to tear down the garage to turn it into a living space.  Rather, it might be possible to build a small apartment or even a bathroom atop the garage. 



Install a new Garage Door

The aesthetic appeal of a garage door is more important than most people think.  Spend for a new garage door and it just might sway a home-seeker who is on the fence to submit an attractive bid.  Aside from boosting your home’s visual appeal, a new garage door will also provide prospective bidders with an invaluable peace of mind.  There will be no doubt as to whether the garage door will function as it should for vehicle protection and home safety.  Though a new garage door will certainly set you back a tidy sum of money, it just might trigger a bidding war for your home.



Selling your garage


An Insulated Garage is a Strong Selling Point

Put yourself in the position of a home-seeker.  If you were looking for a new home, wouldn’t it be nice if the house you have your eye on featured an insulated garage?  Spend for garage insulation and prospective buyers will immediately envision how they will use the garage.  A climate-controlled garage can serve a variety of purposes: a man cave, an apartment, a space to work on various projects, a space to socialize, etc. 



Add a Storage Loft Above the Garage

The addition of a storage loft above your garage just might encourage interested buyers to make a better-than-expected bid on your home.  After all, no one wants to venture into the attic or the cold basement to retrieve stored items.  A storage space built atop your garage will prove much more accessible and convenient. 



Let There be Light!

Most garages are dark, odorous and depressing places.  If your garage fits this description, the addition of new lighting will alter its look and feel.  However, if it is necessary to update or completely re-do the garage wiring, you will need the assistance of a licensed electrician to ensure all of the safety standards and codes are fulfilled down to the very last detail.