Modernizing a split-level home is not as difficult as most assume.  Specific alterations to the interior or exterior of your split-level home will make it look and feel that much more contemporary.  Below, we highlight some such changes you can make without zapping your budget or investing an abundance of time.


Change the Color

Altering the color of the paint inside or outside your split-level home is a simple way to modernize it.  Most split-level properties have fairly basic colors.  Select a more modern color for your property and it will completely change its aesthetic as well as its feel.


Alter the Entryway

The entryway is the first part of the split-level home residents and guests see upon entering.  A slight alteration to the entryway really can make the property feel that much more contemporary.  However, entryways are typically neglected amidst renovations as comparably less time is spent in this part of the home.  You can modernize your split-level home entryway with the addition of decorations, artwork, photographs, hanging plants, etc. 

Consider converting a small portion of the entryway into a diminutive mudroom.  This type of project is not as difficult as it sounds.  The installation of a hanging coat rack along with a shelf to accommodate dirty sneakers and boots will enhance your entryways’ utility as well as its aesthetic.


Install Modern Lighting 

The manner in which a living space is illuminated goes a long way in how it is perceived.  Add modern light fixtures to your split-level home and it really will look and feel significantly different.  Hanging lights that highlight lines are especially modern.  However, if it is only possible to add wall lights, opt for lighting with an industrial aesthetic that provides a truly modern look and feel.


Add a Portico or Canopy to the Front of the Home

If your split-level home does not yet have a portico or canopy at the front entrance, it is time to add one.  Be careful when selecting the portico’s design.  Opt for as modern of a design as possible to ensure your front entrance has a truly contemporary feel.  Instead of adding antiquated columns, consult with a designer to add a canopy or portico featuring a modern look combining wood, stone, and/or glass.


Make use of Neglected Rooms

If your split-level home has one or several rooms that are not in use, it is time to get some value out of them.  Convert the unused room into a small workout space, office, storage space, man cave or walk-in closet.  Converting unused room will enhance the utility of your home while also freeing up additional space.


Decorate Your Split-level Home

The strategic addition of contemporary decorations will bring your split-level home into the 21st century.  This is your opportunity to replace the antiquated furniture, outdated motifs, seemingly ancient floral prints and other dated aspects of your property.  Today’s design elements are centered on minimalism, lines and neutrality with the prudent use of limited color.  Keep these themes in mind when selecting decorations for your split-level home. 

In particular, the addition of plenty of glass will modernize your split-level home.  As an example, the installation of one or two glass walls in place of plain walls will make the interior of your split-level home feel that much more modern.  Even the addition of decorations that bring attention to your home’s lines will help.  Opt for decorative pieces that are angular rather than circular and it will not be long until visitors start complimenting you on the modern look of your split-level home.