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How To Organize A Messy Garage

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How to Organize A Messy Garage

Garages were developed to naturally house cars, but their uses have increased these days. They now contain much more. They hold old clothes, boxes, toys, hardware, and other unnecessary items. As a result, it becomes a habitat for rodents and insects. Well, if you have been in your home for a couple of years without cleaning your garage, then this is the best time to clean it. Why? Your garage might have become a messy place with several collections of unnecessary stuff. This post will guide you on how to clean your messy garage.



Gather the Necessary Supplies

Research shows that every household stores some unnecessary things in the garage. As a result, it becomes a dumping ground for all kinds of things which takes much space. The more these things accumulate, the more it becomes messy and less spacious for your car. To work on this, you need to get the right tools in place. Some of the tools that you need are trash bags, vacuum or a broom, catch-all basket, glove, among others. Endeavor to get all these before you start working on the garage.



Organize Garage Clutter

The first thing to do to your garage is to clean with a broom or a shop vacuum. While you do so, you should look out for nails, small items, oil stains, cobwebs, and other evidence of winged or fur creatures. You should also begin the de-cluttering process by trashing some unnecessary things. You can gather some of the items into several categories based on their importance. You can pick some to keep, donate, or thrash. With this, you will know the number of items you need to repair or replace. Most of the time, people are usually surprised to find some new things in the garage.



How to organize a messy garage


Create Zones for the Items in the Garage

The fact that people cannot segregate their items in the garage makes it hard for them to keep their garage clean and organized. It would help if you categorized your belongings based on their usefulness and types. For example, you can put all sports equipment at one part while tools like a windshield wiper, anti-freeze should be placed in another angle. You can add more zones if you think some items do not fit the categories you created. Doing this will give your garage an organized structure like that of a shopping mall or supermarket.



Make More Room

Invest heavily in the purchase of containers, cabinets, and boxes to house some items to avoid littering the floor with unnecessary things. It is also advisable for you to get rid of the packaging (cartons) of each of the product you purchase. Removing the packaging will give you the opportunity of arranging your things efficiently. For efficient cleaning, you need to determine which product or item to be kept in the cabinet or boxes. This activity should be done based on your needs or the importance of the products.



Maintain the Garage

You would have had enough space to keep your items and possible new things when you are done with the cleaning and organization of your garage. It will also be free from cobwebs, flying insects or fur animals. You can as well repaint its walls to give it a classic outlook. Once you are done with all these, it would be best to maintain it.

Now that you have known how to manage your garage, it is left for you to keep up with the management. You should also ensure that you re-organize your garage at least twice per year to make it more attractive.

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