The exciting news is that you’re moving! The not so exciting part is what to do with your stuff while you’re between moves. Finding the right place to store your personal belongings can be nerve-wracking when you don’t know where to go or what to do next. Thankfully you have us and the internet that has your back. Let’s go through it so that you’re ready once it’s time to move your things.



1. Find The Right Storage Facility 

Start with finding out how much stuff you need to store. If you’re in an apartment, then the space you’ll need is much less than that of a house and so forth. If you’re moving out of an apartment, then an area around the size of 10×10 or 10×15 should do the trick. For a home that has multiple floors, you may need 10×25, or 10×30. Primarily evaluate your things and determine yourself how much space you will need. 


After that, you will then find a location that works best for you. Renting a Uhaul isn’t that much if you aren’t going that far so make sure you choose a position closest to where you will be living. This will save you time, money, and prevent headaches.



2. Consider The Type Of Storage You Need

Depending on what you’re storing you may need different amenities for your storage center. Things like electronics, artwork and wood furniture may need to be stored in a separate area that has climate control so that heat doesn’t affect them. 



3. Clean Your Unit

Cleaning a dirty unit may seem annoying, but it can avoid cleaning a lot later. At this time you can also examine your unit to see if any areas may cause potential ripping or otherwise damage your furniture. Also, be sure to clean the items you’re storing before you put them inside. 


4. Make a Lists 

Making a list of what items are going into storage can save you a lot of pain when you’re unpacking. If you know an item you’re looking for is in storage, then you’ll know what boxes to look through to find it. It’s also good just in case anything does get lost or forgotten on the move.



5. Play Tetris With Your Furniture

Plan ahead. You’re not going to be storing these items for a long time so be sure it’s easy to pull them out when you need to. Organize your storage in a fashion that has a method. Organizing well also protects your items in a move and prevents any damages.



6. Protect Your Belongings

If you need to cover any items you own then make sure to do so before storing them. Ask your facility if they have any padded blankets you can use to cover delicate or personal furniture. You also don’t want any tears in your couch or mattress, now that’d be a headache. 


In the end, you can’t prepare for everything and surrendering to the fact that the unknown is possible is the best planning you can do. Just know soon you’ll be moving into the new beautiful location that you can call home.