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How To Organize Your Kitchen and Get Rid of Clutter

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Is your kitchen starting to feel too overwhelming? If your kitchen has too much clutter, it’s time to reorganize. It’s easy to lose track of just what you have in the kitchen. From china to plates to appliances, these things add up quickly.


Having too many things in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster. Not only will it make it hard to find what you need when you’re cooking, but it could get in the way of your cleaning routine. Not cleaning properly in the kitchen is an easy way to attract ants and other pests. Because you care about your kitchen, follow these tips for how to stay organized and get rid of clutter.



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Utilize Your Storage Space

Kitchens can be a magnet for extra things. In reality, your kitchen should be a functional workspace. Like any workspace, you need to invest in the right storage. First, identify just how much storage space you have. Note: the counters are not storage space.


You might have storage space that’s hard to reach that you’re not using. Always store things in order of use. If you only use your fancy set of plates once a year, you don’t need to store it in the easiest spot to find. In fact, you don’t have to store it in the kitchen at all.



Clear Counter Space

Your counter space is hot real estate. Your counter should be as empty as possible. This not only helps you clean properly, but it makes sure you have adequate room for preparing food.


Is there anything currently stored on your counter that could easily be moved somewhere else? Often, we leave out small appliances like toasters when they could be slipped right under the counter for easy storage. Treat your counter space like the precious workspace it is!



Hang Things Upwards

Are you wasting space that’s right in front of you? A great way to organize your kitchen is to start hanging. Put your walls and ceiling to use by storing things along the wall. Installing hooks to hold coffee mugs, pots and pans, and so on is a simple DIY that also is really on-trend right now.


In addition, if your kitchen layout allows it, you can build some shelving above counters. Shelves are great for displaying quick-grab things like cups, bowls, and even ingredients. Better yet, they don’t clutter your counter. Don’t overlook the power of hanging things in your kitchen when space is limited.



Donate What You Don’t Use

We all have things in our kitchen that don’t get the use they deserve. If you find yourself never using some of the appliances hiding in your kitchen storage, it’s time to find them a new home. Decluttering your kitchen by going through and selling or donating what you don’t use is the best way to get organized.


It’s a simple formula. The less you have in your kitchen, the less clutter. If you’re in a small family, you don’t need an endless supply of plates, cutlery, and so on. Keep it simple and cleaning will become much easier.



Clean Every Day

Clutter breeds more clutter. If you let things pile up a little bit, they’re only more likely to spiral out of control. Taking 10 minutes to clean every day, as well as immediately after preparing a meal will help you reduce your overall clutter and organize your kitchen effectively.


Don’t go to sleep with dishes in the sink, piles of stuff on the counter, and crumbs lying around. This is a risky way to attract pests, and it will only make the problem worse. Taking a few minutes to clean and put everything in its place will pay off.



How Clean is Your Kitchen?

Are you ready to organize your kitchen? If your workspace is looking more like a mismatched storage area, it’s time for a change. Your kitchen should be an inviting, functional space. All of that built-up clutter just creates stress.


Follow these tips above to make sure your kitchen is organized every time you prepare a meal. It doesn’t take much to organize your kitchen, but it pays off immediately.

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