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How To Prep Your Home For a Sale

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Before you list your home the traditional real estate market, you might have to make improvements to your home. Buyers want turnkey or move-in ready homes. Making sure that your home is up to date can help it sell faster and sell for a higher price. Regardless of your situation, it is important to note that the cost of remodeling or repairing will reduce your expected net proceeds.

A recent report from Thumbtack and Zillow says that, on average, homeowners spend around $5,000 on home improvements. Of course, you may end up paying more or less depending on the region that you are selling your home in Amarillo TX.

There are also costs that many homeowners tend to overlook, including staging and cleaning. You will need to make sure that your home is tidy if you are planning on living it during the showing process. While some people can keep their homes clean on their own, busy schedules force some to have to spend hundreds on professional cleaners.

Depending on the layout of your home, you may choose to have a professional stager come in. While staging definitely isn’t for everyone, there are surveys that show how staging can increase the offer price of a home.

For a single staged room, expect to pay an average of $500.



Cleaning Costs


On average, you will spend anywhere from $110 to $240 for a single cleaning. Cleaning, as we said before, is completely optional.

However, buyers want to see homes when they look their best. If you want to get the best offers, you will want to make sure that your home is clean and clutter-free. Beyond your basic Sunday cleaning, you’ll need to scrub the floors, shampoo the carpets, and get deep into the various nooks and crannies.



Pre-Listing Inspection


A pre-listing inspection, on average, can cost you anywhere from $280 to $400. While a pre-listing inspection is also optional, not having one might keep your house on the market for a long time. A homebuyer will likely want to do their own inspection, though by performing a pre-listing inspection, you can figure out what types of repairs or renovations you’ll need to do before you sell your house in Texas.

A regular inspection could bring up problems, which could ultimately cause a buyer to back out of the sale. If a buyer backs out, your home will remain on the market for a long time, which could make it seem less attractive to prospective buyers.



Common Repairs and Renovations


From safety issues to optional renovations, here are some common things you might have to consider doing prior to selling your home in Amarillo on the traditional market:


  • Water Damage ($500 – $6,000)
  • Electrical Hazards (Up to $9,000)
  • Paint Refresh ($950 – $2,880)
  • New Front Door ($500 – $1,600)
  • New Flooring ($1,500 – $4,500)


The majority of buyers want turnkey homes. However, you might not have the time or resources to get your home to that point. If not, you always have the option of selling to a company like National Cash Offer, which buys homes in “as-is” condition.

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