Snow has the power to create a winter wonderland or a snow-apocalypse. The buildup of too much snow can damage your property and if you’re not ready can cost you loads of money. Knowing what to look for is key to preventing major damages to your home. Whether you’re new to experience snow or not it’s always great to know the signs.



Roof Snow

The snow that sits on your roof can give your home that gingerbread home look but if it sits there too long things can start to turn south.This threat can cause significant damages to your house if you don’t start removing it from your roof. This needs to be done when there’s a major buildup of snow.


If you wait too long then what’s called an “ice dam” can form. An ice dam happens when the heat from inside your home melts the snow on the roof which causes the draining water to refreeze at the edge of the roof. The ice wall blocks the water from draining away. The trapped water can then steadily leak into your home, causing substantial property damage.


Some ways to prevent this is to constantly remove snow from your roof as frequently as you can when you know a major storm is coming. Also, make sure before that your gutters are clean and clear so that water can flow easily. 



When water freezes it expands which can cause pipes to burst in your home. Once the ice melts it can create a major leak in your home which will lead to major damages. There are a few steps you can take to prevent this.


Make sure your pipes have adequate air circulation. If you know it’s going to freeze then open up the doors below your sink so that warm air can reach. Running water takes longer to freeze so turn your faucets steadily drip. Be sure to disconnect exterior faucets and drain any water they have remaining. 


Maintain the Snow

Snow buildup in your driveway can sit there for weeks if you don’t shovel it away. If you wait too long then that snow will become frozen together, creating a painful situation to haul. Clear snow off your cars but make sure you use something safe so that you don’t scratch your car. Any snow left behind can damage your car or if you park on top of it can weaken your tire. 


Take a look at your property and know the weak spots where damage is most likely to occur. It’s never too late to start winterproofing your home. It takes work but you’ll thank your past self when you can easily leave your driveway and there are no leaks to deal with. All you’ll have to do is drink warm cocoa and sit by the fire waiting for the snow to melt.