How to Productively Take Advantage of Online Communities

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The internet is full of an unlimited amount of information, especially for homebuyers and sellers. If you’re planning to buy or sell your house, you probably know to check the usual places for information. You visit Zillow and other listing websites, you explore neighborhood information pages, and you even Google your own area.


While all of these are excellent sources of information, you might be overlooking one of the best resources for homebuyers or sellers. What resources is this? It’s actually online communities. Today, social networking sites are more than just a passing trend. They’re the new normal, and they’re how people get information.


There are a number of places to search for online communities in your area, whether you’re moving to a new town or you’re trying to sell in a difficult market. With over 50% of all homebuyers finding their home on the internet, you can’t ignore such a valuable resource. In this guide, we’ll explain how to productively take advantage of online communities.


How to take advantage of online communities when buying your home | social networks


Where Can I Find Online Communities?

First, let’s talk about where you can find online communities for homebuyers or sellers. You most likely already use some of these networks, and you just might not be taking advantage of them fully.


Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Instagram are great resources. On Facebook, you can often find local real estate pages and groups as well as neighborhood information groups. While you usually need to be living in one of these areas to join, you might be able to join if you’re considering living in an area. There are neighborhood groups that are specific to cities and groups that are specific to a local zip code.


On Instagram, you can search for local hashtags, follow real estate agents, and network with current influencers and leaders in the area. This is a great way to get a feel for the community as well as promote your home if you’re trying to sell.


Finally, an up-and-coming community network is Nextdoor. This is an app-based platform that uses your geographical location or home address to connect you with people who live nearby. While you need to live in the area to gain access to the community, this is an effective way to spread awareness about your home sale and ask questions about the community.


How Do I Use These Communities?

Now that you know where to find online communities that are specific to your area, let’s talk about how to productively take advantage of them. Nobody likes spam messages, and nobody wants to feel like you’re using the community to get something for yourself.


You’ll want to be neighborly and friendly in these online communities. Always read through any rules to make sure you’re following the guidelines appropriately. Beyond that, consider taking any of the following actions:


  • Promote your home sale
  • Ask questions about the local neighborhood
  • Ask for recommendations with your home sale
  • Ask if anyone knows any homes available for sale that fit your budget and requirements
  • Network with real estate agents and potential home buyers


All of this can be powerful on these online communities because you know you’re speaking directly to your target audience. This is one of the few ways to get your voice heard in your real estate market, and that’s why it’s such a powerful tool.


Join an Online Community

You’re ready to join your local online communities and make an impact. No matter if you’re trying to buy or sell a house, these online communities are an untapped resource. Try them for yourself to see how they help you learn about your community, network with the right buyers, and become an active local member.


These online communities are free and open to most anyone, so there’s no reason not to join them today. You just need to login and experience them for yourself.

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