Properly budgeting when moving to a new home is extremely important. Small things such as new curtains, blinds, or lights can add up rapidly. Knowing how much you can spend and on what is essential to not going over budget. Now all you need to do is know how to execute creating a budget.


Find A Templet That Works

Excel is the perfect tool for creating budgets. If you aren’t sure how to exactly set one up then take one from someone else online. There are a plethora of templates out there designed specifically for what you need. Once you have your template you will then need to know what to account for.



Moving Company Spending

If you’re not hiring a company to support you with moving then you can forget about this section and move to the next.

  • Moving Fee. This is their standard charge for the move that includes labor and fuel. Be sure to reach out to a few moving companies to find the best prices for you.
  • Insurance. There may be an extra charge if you have any items you want to take special care of.
  • Extra Services. If you want the movers to set up your T.V. or fridge its probably going to cost a bit more so if you desire these services ask for a quote.
  • Damage Costs. Just in case add in the budget any items that may be damaged in the move.



Moving Without A Company Spending

  • Truck Rental. If you’re renting the truck the size matters and if you have to take multiple trips.
  • Gas. Be sure to calculate how many miles you’ll be traveling to see how much you’ll need to put aside for gas.
  • Extra Equipment. This is for anything you may have to rent such as dollies, loading ramp, furniture covers.



Between Home Costs

If you find yourself having to stay at another location for a few days while moving then here are some costs you need to watch out for.

  • Lodging. Where ever you may be staying, be sure to calculate the costs into your budget.
  • Meals. Calculate per person. You may not be able to cook super affordable meals while staying at a hotel so eating out might be common for the next few days.
  • Child or Petcare. If you can’t bring your pet with you then you might have to have it boarded the next few days.



Packing/Storing Fees

You might not be able to bring everything all at once to your new home due to downsizing or wanting to get rid of old belongings. Some costs here can include:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Boxes
  • Mattress Covers
  • Storage Fees
  • Insurance
  • Tape


Always give yourself some leeway when you’re budgeting so that if anything goes south that you’re prepared for it. It’s going to be tough but through budgeting, your move should become much easier to handle.