Your home’s bathroom is more than a place to freshen up.  An effort to improve this space is a legitimate investment in your property that will ultimately make you that much more comfortable and increase the value of your home.  Though remodeling a home bathroom certainly costs some money, it is worth every penny.  Here is a quick look at how to go about remodeling your bathroom. 



Consider the Costs of Remodeling Your Bathroom 

Take some time to review the potential costs for remodeling your bathroom.  Everything from the complexity of the new bathroom’s layout to its size, whether the floor will be heated, the quality of materials and other nuances shape the cost of the remodel.  If you end up on the high side of your budget, you can reduce the cost by using simulated slide-in tiles, basic wall tiling and/or sub-flooring on the lower end of the price spectrum.  


In the end, most bathroom remodels cost between $10,000 and $35,000.  Though these figures might be a bit eye-popping, they should not intimidate you as the money you spend on your bathroom remodel is returned in the form of increased satisfaction and that much higher of a home value.  Plan on getting back about 60 percent of your bathroom remodel investment.  In the best case scenario, your bathroom remodel will end up paying for itself by elevating the home’s value. 



Toilet Position Matters

The toilet should not be the first object seen when opening the newly-renovated bathroom door.  When in doubt, lean on the assistance of a professional designer to ensure your bathroom is properly organized and easy to use.  Ideally, the toilet will be positioned in the center of the bathroom so those walking into the room can be greeted by cabinets, a towel rack or something more appealing than the john.



Mind the Bathroom’s Dimensions 

You should have a clear understanding of the bathroom’s unique dimensions.  This way, you can figure out which items can be placed or installed in the remodeled bathroom.  Understanding space limitations will ultimately make planning the remodel of your bathroom that much more efficient.



Focus on the Lighting 

Lighting is essential for a truly modern bathroom.  Ensure this space is well-lit by implementing layers of ambient, accent and task lighting.



Pay Attention to the Sink Height 

Sink height is often overlooked in bathroom remodels as most people assume the countertop is at the proper height to start with.  The average bathroom counter is about 33 inches off the floor.  However, the sink has the potential to add or subtract from the counter height.  Establish the proper sink height before proceeding to ensure you can brush your teeth and wash your hands with ease.



Don’t Hesitate to ask for Help From the Professionals

You can only do so much on your own when attempting to remodel a bathroom.  In some cases, simply brainstorming the design and layout of the bathroom remodel will be the extent of the property owner’s contribution.  The electrical and plumbing work are especially challenging components of bathroom remodels.  Rely on  the experts for assistance and they will speed up the project, facilitate the securing of the proper permits, help budget with accuracy and ultimately build the bathroom you have long-envisioned in your mind’s eye.